'Manifest': Fans restless after show's sixth episode is held back due to Halloween

The sixth episode of Manifest is being touted to be the best and fans cannot wait to know more about Cal's powers

                            'Manifest': Fans restless after show's sixth episode is held back due to Halloween

NBC has re-posted the promo clip for Episode 6 of the Jeff Rake-directed show 'Manifest' and fans simply cannot endure the long wait between the fifth episode and the upcoming one. The show airs on NBC on Mondays at 10 pm, however, following the preponing of all Halloween celebrations – which this year, unfortunately, fell in the middle of a work week – NBC had held back the show's airing on Monday. It alotted the Monday slot, immediately after a two-hour episode of 'The Voice' featuring the first set of Knockout Rounds, to 'A Very Wicked Halloween: Celebrating 15 Years on Broadway'.

Although the channel's intentions were to celebrate the 15th anniversary of 'Wicked' on Broadway in October, fans grew restless about the episode which most are claiming will be best one so far. As NBC reposted the promo clip of the episode, fans flooded the channel's Twitter post with anxious comments and doubts. One fan commented, "I'm having withdrawals without an episode this week #Manifest", while another claimed, "I missed y'all this week." Fans on Instagram also flooded the show's official page with their eagerness to follow up on the previous episode. 


Episode 6 will follow Ben (played by Josh Dallas) and Michaela (played by Melissa Roxburgh) as they try to track down the 11 missing passengers whose disappearance somehow seems to be connected to Cal's (played by Jack Messina) illness. On the post by NBC captioned as, "Hang on to your seats. #Manifest is about to get even wilder", one fan claimed, "So excitedddd! This week away from it all is killing me!" while others demanded the next episode to air as soon as possible, "Ok now I need an episode that’s not fair 😫." 

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Hang on to your seats. #Manifest is about to get even wilder.

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Josh Dallas, who plays the amiable Ben Stone, also seemed anxious for the next episode to air. The actor had earlier taken to Instagram to tease fans about the upcoming episode. In the post captioned as "Even Ben Stone is waiting for that next episode of @NBCManifest! @nbc @warnerbrostv #manifest ", fans demanded NBC to air two new episodes next week, "Since there was no new episode of Manifest this week NBC owes us 2 brand new episodes next week." 


Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Ben's sister Michaela, too didn't hold back from teasing fans a little about the upcoming episode. A series of pictures, which really intrigues us with their periodical make-up, was reposted by the actress, to which fan's had initially made a wild guess if it was a Halloween Special episode.

A fan commented, "Halloween episode?!?! I'm confused! #Manifest #Manifesters @NBCManifest @JoshDallas", while another fan clarified the confusion of the periodical costumes, "It’s pics from the actors in other shows they’ve been on. I tuned into #Manifest for Prince Charming from @OnceABC aka @JoshDallas & stayed for Ben Stone! "


Fortunately, 'Manifest' will soon return with the sixth episode on November 5 at 10 pm on NBC. Until then, watch the promo and keep speculating.