'Manifest': Fans see Grace and Ben getting back together despite their differences

Ben and Grace never actually spoke about their problems but maybe they will do and finally get back together.

                            'Manifest': Fans see Grace and Ben getting back together despite their differences

Grace and Ben had a steamy feud before the NBC show, 'Manifest', took its long Fall break. The Fall finale episode of the Jeff Rake-directed show saw the two characters (Josh Dallas as Ben and Athena Karkanis as Grace) finally come out with the existing problems in their marriage that they have been shying away from.

The ninth episode saw Ben walk out of the house, as Grace claimed that he was being extremely careless with his children. 


Fans, who have for a very long time despised the character of Grace due to her unsupportive nature towards Ben, are now claiming that Grace and Ben will probably end up together towards the end of the series.

One fan on Twitter claimed that she would love to see them get back, "Shes got her reasons, let her breathe first and then she will come to her senses and will ask Ben to come back home. Plus they both need time to think stuff thru. They will overcome this, I have faith in them."

Another fan on Reddit stated that their brief break up was only a method used by the writers to pull the drama ahead, "I think she's intended to be part of the opposition to Ben digging deeper into the mystery. Along with his roles as a father, provider, etc. She adds to the drama and height of the situation, and by design slows progress into fully understanding what's happening."


Fans are also claiming that this is only a momentary pause that the couple needed in order to get things sorted out. "You’re right, it just bugs me so much that In the hospital she said she’ll believe anything because of the miracle of them coming back after 5 yrs and then turns around and gets mad at him. I’m still thinking of that lol. But I do think they’re going to go back to each other too."

Another fan supported the statement and claimed, "I mean yea I get it she said "I'll believe about anything" and then she tells him like "you're crazy" but I don't think she wasn't expecting that kind of thing? And also like cal was very sick and she was really overwhelmed. I just get so mad at ppl who don't understand her." 

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Grace and Ben were compelled to live without each other for almost five and a half years, and while for Ben those five and a half years exist only in theory, Grace had to live through those years trying to come to terms with the fact that her husband and son were dead. When the two finally met, they never really spoke about the mutual anger that they shared. Grace was agitated by the fact that she once again had to redo everything, and Ben was uncomfortable with the truth that his wife had introduced him to. The two never spoke about the crisis in the mind which eventually led to their sudden breakdown. Hopefully, the two will be together when the show returns on January 7, 2019.