'Manifest' fans frustrated at some of the ridiculous moments in Episode 7

Every show has negatives and Manifest's low point is its unnecessary inclusion of certain scenes. Here are somethings that were a miss with fans

                            'Manifest' fans frustrated at some of the ridiculous moments in Episode 7

NBC's show, directed by Jeff Rake, has, for the longest time, managed to keep its fans glued to the screen as the show unravels a secret every episode, making it an intriguing watch. Following the aftermath of the sudden disappearance of Montego Air Flight 828, the passengers of the flight have begun experiencing certain callings which are leading them to a new way fo life.

However, the show starring Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh seems to have annoyed its fans a little with its seventh episode which aired on November 12. One Reddit user is particularly upset about the fact that Ben Stone (played by Dallas) and his co-workers were engrossed in a game of poker while dipping buffalo wings in sauce.

The fan claimed, "When Ben joins his new co-workers for their poker game, you can see they’re all sitting around having beers, playing cards, and I saw a few plates of BUFFALO WINGS. Are they supposed to be eating wings covered in the sauce while playing cards?! Who thought this was a good idea? Any sensible person would pick almost any other type of food that doesn’t cover your fingers and face in the sauce. I thought this was supposed to be a room full of nerds, too."


Other than Ben's choice for sides during card play, fans were also upset about Danny's reappearance in the Stone family. In the last episode, we saw Danny had accompanied Olive in a rock climbing workout, after which he came by to drop her at home. Ben had allowed Olive to go along with Danny, with whom Olive (played by Luna Blaise) has spent some of the most significant years of her life.

Ben, well aware of this attachment, has been trying to stand in Olive's way. One Reddit user, with regards to the above scene, pointed, "How about the fact that when Danny was dropping Olive off at the house he blatantly parks his Porsche right in front of a fire hydrant."


However, what struck fans as the most ridiculous thing was Ben's job. In the last episode, Ben manages to get a job at a company directly linked to the notorious Unified Dynamics System. We will have to agree that the whole scene of Ben cracking the job seems a little absurd for the simple reason that it is not well executed.

Fans said it is odd that a company, which deals with something as sophisticated as the study of mirror neurons, would actually allow its employees to gamble and drink in office premises. One fan asked, "I wanted to know which HR department would allow drinking and gambling after-hours on the premises. Especially an office with such strict security protocols."


Nevertheless, in spite of some of its ridiculous plot points and scenes, 'Manifest' continues to be one of NBC's top shows with a total of almost 15.4 million viewers. The show returns to NBC on Monday at 10 p.m.