'Manifest' fans not ready to see Vance die in the next episode as they are just starting to like him

After their unlikely alliance, Vance and Ben have become fans' favorite duo and are hoping their partnership doesn't break anytime soon.

                            'Manifest' fans not ready to see Vance die in the next episode as they are just starting to like him

Following the promo trailer of Episode 9, it is confirmed that someone will die in the Jeff Rake-directed show, 'Manifest'. Starring Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, J.R.Ramirez, Athena Karkanis, and Parveen Kaur, the show has been following the aftermath of the sudden re-appearance of Montego Air Flight 828 after it went missing for almost five and a half years. With every episode, the characters- who were presumed dead when the plane disappeared- are unveiling new secrets which are pushing them closer to the mystery surrounding the plane. 

In the fall finale, we will see the Stone siblings (played by Roxburgh and Dallas), along with their allies Vance (Daryl Edwards), Saanvi (Kaur), and Jared (Ramirez), come face to face with the UDS head, Lawrence, the man responsible for the abduction and illegal experimentation on the 11 passengers who went missing when the plane re-appeared. In the confrontation, it is clear that one of the main characters will get killed. Among some of the obvious guesses, we had considered Vance to be one of the victims. However, it seems fans are not yet ready to let go of the character who became a fan favorite over the last two episodes. 




One Reddit user has mentioned, "I knew he was a good guy from the beginning. But if this show clings to its tropes as it has been, he dead in 1-2 more episodes." However, other fans have shown their reluctance in letting Vance quit the show so soon. As the head of NSA, Vance was not an easy character to like, initially. He was never the bad guy, but he wasn't on the side of the good guys either. While Ben and Saanvi have been trying to figure out clues to the mystery, Vance has been trying to hunt them down to find out their real intention. However, once he was assured of Ben's research, he immediately switched sides to help Ben out of the NSA. 




A fan has commented on the user's post, " I hope he doesn’t end up dead." Fans on Twitter are of the same opinion. With Ben and Vance's alliance being recently forged, fans are hopeful that they will see more of them after the fall finale, when the show returns in January 2019. One fan commented, "I hope none of the 2 are going to be killed... I like both of them...". Although most fans are of the opinion that Vance has switched sides for good, and he can be completely trusted, some think that maybe it is too early to completely trust him. We do not know if this is the end of Vance or a beginning of a new friendship, but we will find that out in the upcoming fall finale on November 26 at 10 p.m.