'Manifest': Fans are not forgiving Grace for her actions in Fall finale

Grace asked Ben to leave, but she had her reasons; however, fans refuse to consider her behavior sympathetically as it seemed highly unfair.

                            'Manifest': Fans are not forgiving Grace for her actions in Fall finale

The fall finale of NBC's Jeff Rake-directed show, 'Manifest', delivered everything that it promised. Following the incidents of episode 8, in the ninth episode, the gang finally managed to help the missing passengers escape from UDS's lab, but it certainly had its consequences.

NSA head Vance (played by Daryl Edwards), who put his career on the line to help Ben (played by Josh Dallas), met with his death in an explosion that also severely injured Jared (played by JR Ramirez). Starring Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, Athena Karkanis, J.R.Ramirez, and Parveen Kaur, 'Manifest' followed the aftermath of the sudden re-appearance of Montego Air Flight 828 after going missing for almost five and a half years.

While the passengers were presumed dead, their sudden return was a shock for everyone since none of them had aged a day. 

Ben, who was trying to help Cal (Jack Messina) by putting an end to the experiments, was unable to explain to Grace (Karkanis) the reason behind his actions, and Grace - not being able to risk losing her son again - asked Ben to leave the family.

This certainly was the last strike in their relationship, and as fans had predicted at least in the fall finale the couple couldn't make it together. Fans continue to hold on to their opinion that Grace has not been faithful to Ben, and she seems adamant to not consider his explanations about the missing plane and the "callings" that they experienced. 

Fans are upset that Grace refused to understand Ben. (IMDb)
Fans are upset that Grace refused to understand Ben. (IMDb)

A fan on Reddit commented, "I can’t stand this Grace character. She’s a total bitch! I know it’s a tv show, but wow. Don’t know how they could get rid of her, but seems like a good plan to me." Probably we will not see much of Grace when the show resumes on January 7, but we can root for the fact that she won't be entirely absent. Grace refused to give away Cal as she could no more bear losing him. In the emotional exchange, she explains to Ben that it took her a lot of courage to come to terms with the fact that her 10-year-old boy was dead when the plane went missing for almost five and a half years. 


Now that they are back, she no longer wants to be away from him. Fans are infuriated by the fact that Grace simply does not want to give Ben a chance. A fan on Twitter mentioned, "Ben is such a good man & a great father! Too bad Grace can't see that... Not fair that he has to lose his whole family for this. #Manifest."

Fans have been expressing their angst against Grace ever since it was revealed that she was seeing another man, Danny, when Ben went missing for five and a half years. However, it should be considered that Grace did give up on Danny when Ben came back and she was prepared to start over with Ben from where they had left. 


Fans are also upset about the fact that Grace did not let Ben take Cal with him. Being a concerned mother, she was overly upset when she found out that Cal was present at the site when the explosion happened. However, fans are unable to accept Grace for her behavior, as one fan has stated, "Hers is the ONLY character that doesn’t make sense. Her thinking and behavior are annoying to me. How is it, after all, they’ve been through, that she doesn’t trust her husband and fully support him?"

Probably Grace and Ben will not get back together anytime soon, but we do hope that there will be a reconciliation between the two when things start getting clearer when the show returns after its Fall hiatus for the second half of the first season.