'Manifest' episode 7 reveals Vance may not be the enemy and Cal knows that

Ben and Michaela may still not consider Vance a friend, but the man is gradually realizing that the Stone siblings have been quite resourceful

                            'Manifest' episode 7 reveals Vance may not be the enemy and Cal knows that

The seventh episode of NBC's record-breaking show, 'Manifest', has given rise to the probability of friend and foe coming together to solve the biggest mystery of the decade. Following the aftermath of the sudden disappearance of Montego Air Flight 828, Ben Stone (played by Josh Dallas) has been trying to hunt down the 11 missing passengers who were apparently abducted when the plane returned almost five years later.

However, Ben's contradictions to NSA officer, Robert Vance's (played by Daryl Edwards) investigation had seen some clashes between the two characters. Vance was a typecast of established unruly authority, who uses the law to torture civilians, and Ben was the hero trying to protect the innocent from the grip of the powerful.

The two contrasting characters finally now seem to have found common ground and set their differences aside. In the sixth episode which aired November 5, Ben informed Vance about the possible abduction of the 11 passengers, and his information soon led Vance to discover some hidden evidence in a barn. Fans have already been claiming Vance finally has faith in Ben's words, and probably after the seventh episode there are chances the two will become allies.

There has been a shift in perceiving Vance after the sixth episode. (Twitter)
There has been a shift in perceiving Vance after the sixth episode. (Twitter)

Vance has been pretty much the antagonist in the story so far, only acting as a foil to Ben who is more of a people's man and does not care much about the authority. However, the tables might turn now, as fans all over social media are predicting Vance will switch sides.

A subtle hint about it was also left towards the end of the seventh episode when Cal Stone exclaims, "He's not a bad guy." Cal seems to have experienced the calling first which resulted in his ability to be clairsensitive. Fans supported Cal's claim with one fan commenting, "I loved when he said that...confirmed what was being set up about Vance."


Another user on Reddit claimed, "I’ve always wanted Vance and Ben to team up and solve it together and that’s exactly what I’m getting!" Vance has never actually been a bad guy on the show, he has only been doing the opposite of Ben and that automatically made him an obstacle for Ben, who has been running his own set of investigations on the passengers.

There is a possibility Vance might just be the devil on the angel's side. He has never done anything beyond what his duty asks of him. He was interrogating the passengers because, like everyone else, he was not ready to believe that the plane never landed in the five years of its disappearance. 

Vance and Ben might forge an alliance based on their faith in facts over fiction. (Twitter)
Vance and Ben might forge an alliance based on their faith in facts over fiction. (Twitter)

In fact, Vance never tried selling out any of the passengers, and his instructions to maintain a complete media blackout was for the sake of the safety of the passengers, who are now under the scrutiny of the international media. If Ben has been the Robin Hood in the story, then Vance may very well be a John Constantine, the hero who is despised by all due to his dominating powers.

Looking at it from his point of view, Vance is only a man of the law trying to figure out the mythical mystery that surrounds the events of the plane. Just like Ben, he is a man of logic and is not ready to believe any mythical explanation about the flight. 

No character in the show has a single layer to themselves, and Vance is no exception to it. As Melissa Roxburgh (who plays Michaela Stone) mentioned in an interview with WNYPapers, Vance is about to go through a transformation which will clearly bring out more shades in his character. A lot like Jaime Lannister, in 'Game of Thrones', Vance's character will only come full circle once his alliance with Ben is established.

"There are definitely parts of Vance that you'll grow to love, and there are parts of him that you'll hate. But the part that you love, maybe he does help in the process? Maybe he hinders? I think that we if I could hint at something, we get to see a unique dynamic with him and Ben at one point. So, the audience has that to look forward to. And I think that he will grow on people a lot more than they think," Roxburgh said.


The promo for the eighth episode also suggests Vance - who did not give away Ben's pen drive to the cops - will seek out Ben's help to unravel the truth behind the plane. Probably it will be easier for the two men to overcome their differences since they both believe in what they see and will go to any extent to prove their instincts right.

Vance is much more cynical than Ben since that is what his job demands of him, but when it comes to trusting the man Vance undoubtedly has been keeping Ben in his good books. It should be noted that when the rest of the police department was trying to transfer the blame of the missing evidence on Ben, Vance took interest in what he had discovered and wanted to see what Ben truly is up to before making any calls. 

Probably by the eighth episode, the two will forge a bond and will be able to figure out the whereabouts of the missing passengers. We will find out more when Episode 8 airs Monday at 10:00 p.m. on NBC.