'Manifest' Episode 6 preview: Three things to look forward to in 'Off Radar'

Aptly titled 'Off Radar', the sixth episode of Manifest will take the Stones off the radar and focus on the 11 missing passengers of Montego Air Flight 828

                            'Manifest' Episode 6 preview: Three things to look forward to in 'Off Radar'

Creator Jeff Rake's 'Manifest', starring Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh, has been extended by NBC by three additional episodes, which means that now the show will stretch up to 16 episodes, wrapping up in January instead of its initial finale date in December.

The 'Lost'-esque show, heavily inspired by the missing Malaysian Flight 370, charts the stories of the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 -- which goes missing in 2013 only to return five years later.

As the mystery unfolds itself, the fourth episode which aired on October 22 revealed that Cal (played by Jack Messina) probably holds one of the strongest powers among all the other passengers who have returned.

He leads his father Ben (played by Josh Dallas) into the underground room where Thomas was hidden when "a friend" comes to rescue Thomas since Bethany (played by Mugga) was already arrested. Ben who was trying hard not to get involved with the powers vested upon them by the mysterious turn of events, finds himself diving deeper into the mystery when his son attains the power to foresee the future. 


The ending scene of the fifth episode also revealed that Cal was the first one to experience "The Calling".

However, with episode 6, Cal's powers might begin to take a strange toll upon him. Cal wakes with a life-threatening fever, and Grace (played by Athena Karkanis) fears it's from his cancer treatment. Michaela (played by Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben, however, suspect Cal's condition may be related to a mysterious passenger from Flight 828. As Cal's situation worsens, Ben and Michaela attempt to track down the now missing passenger. With the promo revealing the synopsis, here are the top three things that we can expect from the sixth episode, named 'Off Radar':

1. Disappearing passengers

The promo reveals that 11 passengers have gone missing from the flight. As Ben tries to put in all the data about the passengers together to find out what actually happened inside the plane, Michaela explains to him that Cal's sickness could be a result of the missing passengers. While until now the episodes have been focusing on one passenger (in each episode), the sixth episode will bring in more context with the 11 more passengers, which might briefly divert the show's attention from the Stone family. Also with new clues about the missing passengers emerging, it can be assumed that something more than the supernatural might have taken place inside the plane, and probably there was a huge involvement of the authorities. 

Vance has already been considered as the unnamed villain of the show since he has been trying to hunt down the passengers and make them spill the truth. It wouldn't be a surprise if all of these passengers have actually been taken in by the government for interrogation. 

Ben and Michaela will set out to look for the missing passengers. (IMDb)
Ben and Michaela will set out to look for the missing passengers. (IMDb)

2. Cal "X-Xavier"

Cal seems to possess the most threatening power among all the passengers. Soon after landing on the ground after five years, the passengers began hearing voices and seeing visions that they don't really understand. In the third episode, Michaela misinterpreted her calling when a bronze Angel appeared in front of her and asked her to "save him." Ben too ignores his calling about "it's all connected" in the fourth episode, but is compelled to follow the calling when he hears Cal say the same thing. With the sixth episode, Cal will probably find himself at the peak of his power as he is telepathic and can sense if a person is in danger or not. 

While the character's powers seem to be inclined towards 'X-Men's' Prof. Charles Xavier's ability to read minds, it is certainly about to take a heavy toll on him. Cal is also the first one who had experienced the calling, and had uttered the words, "it's all connected." Probably in episode 6, we will be able to see what exactly he is capable of. 

Cal's power might be threatening to his life. (IMDb)
Cal's power might be threatening to his life. (IMDb)

3. The government's ploy

The government has been under the radar of suspicion since the plane landed. While the media has been indicating that the ruling body might be involved with the plane's disappearance, the surviving passengers have held back their secrets about their newly attained powers. In spite of the government's warning about maintaining a complete media blackout, passenger Kelly-Taylor went on TV to "own up to your truth". However, soon she was murdered and all of her records were removed from the list. The third episode had revealed that the government is pretty much involved in the disappearance of her body and all her legal records. 

With Cal's life being at stake, it wouldn't be a surprise if both Ben and Michaela rage a protest against the government. With the public and the media on their side, it will probably not be long before they find out what happened with those 11 missing passengers. 

Watch the promo trailer below: