'Manifest' Episode 6: Cal might just have the answers to the mystery in the Jeff Rake-directed show

He was the first to see the calling, he was the first to predict the future, and now he can live in another person's body...he surely knows something.

                            'Manifest' Episode 6: Cal might just have the answers to the mystery in the Jeff Rake-directed show

The mystery in director Jeff Rake's 'Manifest', surrounding the disappearance of Montego Air Flight 828, just got a lot more intense after Episode 6, with fans beginning to speculate that Cal (played by Jack Messina) might have the answers to all the questions.

As one of the passengers on the missing plane, Cal, too, attained certain powers that enabled him to get into the mind of others. In Episode 5 we saw Cal being one of the first of the missing passengers to have experienced the calling when he muttered, "It is all connected", and in the sixth episode he runs a fever and eventually submits to an episode of seizure when he begins to get inside the head of one of the 11 passengers reported missing after the plane returned.

Fans are already claiming that there is some kind of a connection between Cal and the calling. One fan claimed, "Cal is the answer!!!! Just saying!!!! Omfg ya all!!!! My heart is racing @NBCManifest #manifest." There are several reasons why Cal might have the real answer behind the mystery of the missing plane, and the most basic reason being Cal's cancer. The flight had been up in the air for almost five years but none of the passengers had aged a day. Cal's case becomes crucial not only because he is still a 10-year-old while his twin sister Olive is now a teenager, but when Cal boarded the plane five years ago with his father, he was suffering from leukemia. 


The boy was not even supposed to be alive for a year since there was absolutely no cure to his disease, but since the beginning, Cal has been an exceptional case. He did return alive, after five years, and to the biggest surprise, one of his co-passengers, Dr. Saanvi Bahl (played by Parveen Kaur) had found out a cure for the disease, which will now help extend his lifeline well beyond just a year. Cal lived even when (scientifically) he wasn't supposed to, and that is an indication enough that the boy has a much bigger role to play. A Reddit user has an interesting theory about Cal, "When the lady on the street approached Cal and said "He is not here, he has risen" it makes me think the "Original" Cal had died on flight 828 and whoever is inhabiting his body is not him."


Considering the mythological approach of the show, there is every possibility that none of the characters have returned in their true selves. They already feel that way. While some have been seeing visions, others are hearing voices. As for Cal, he seems to be able to predict the future while residing in another person's mind. However, we also saw that Saanvi had discovered a certain mark on Cal's head, and later on, she found out that the same mark was there on her head, too. Once she was told by a senior doctor that it might be a sign of schizophrenia, and Saanvi being a person of science almost believed that she was seeing things because she was ill. 

Being a woman of science, it was probably easier for Saanvi to believe in her illness, unlike Cal. (IMDb)
Being a woman of science, it was probably easier for Saanvi to believe in her illness, unlike Cal. (IMDb)

However, Cal seems to perceive things in a different way. Unlike, Saanvi who is trying to gather herself around her potential illness, Cal already seems to know what his powers mean. It was hinted upon in the very first episode when Cal sat drawing a family portrait but left a strange shadow figure hovering in the background. Fan theories suggest that Cal already knew what the shadow represented- which is death- and probably that indicates that the "original" Cal is long dead and he is now just a reincarnation from the light that beamed into the plane. At the moment when the light flashed upon Cal's face, he was the first one to see it and probably ended the old Cal and gave birth to the new one. 


The latest flashback in Episode 6 showed that Cal had come in contact with one of the passengers who was asking for help to translate the form to Bulgarian for him. In his sleep, Cal begins to ask for help and to hurry in Bulgarian, the man's mother tongue, and in the end, he lies without moving when the Bulgarian man is left senseless after all the tests that are conducted on him. It is almost like Cal received the same shocks that the man had been subjected to by the group of scientists who had abducted the 11 passengers.

As the Reddit fan suggests, "Cal seems appears to have a higher intelligence than before for example, finishing puzzles way before anyone else and drawing that shadow figure next to his mom even though he really should have any idea what has happened in the last 5 years." 


The speculation about Cal having the answers to the intense mystery blurring the lines between reality and imagination in the show could be right, and it wouldn't be a surprise if, in the end, Cal leads the story to its denouement. He is the one with the strongest power among them all, he can get inside a person's mind and see things before they happen. Cal is also the only one who has trusted in his powers since the beginning and has not gone around digging proof about it. He has just let the powers lead him, and he acted when he was required to. Like Michaela (played by Melissa Roxburgh), he knows that the voices are right, but unlike Michaela, he seems to have control over them. 

'Manifest' airs every Monday at 10 pm, on NBC. 

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