'Manifest' episode 4 recap: 4 things to remember from the previous episode

An angel, an 'unclaimed baggage', and some realizations, that is all that wraps up 'Manifest' episode 4.

                            'Manifest' episode 4 recap: 4 things to remember from the previous episode

Director Jeff Rake's 'Manifest' broke all records for NBC and following the release of its fourth episode, the network has ordered for an additional three episodes, extending the show to stretch up to 16 episodes. However, it still does not qualify as a full-fledged show, since in order to complete an entire season the show will have to have at least 18 episodes according to cable network norms.

Episode 4 was probably the most mind-stirring one among the last four that have aired since September 24. It brought to focus the fact that the show is pretty subjective in its approach in the sense that the story chiefly revolves around the Stone family who is now dealing with a crisis of their own. Yet, episode 4 stood out because it has added another member to the group of suspects who went missing, presumed dead, when Montego Air Flight 828 disappeared almost five years ago. It took up two characters, one from the main cast and the other who was meant to be the focus of the episode and gave the story an extra push into the mythological realm.

The time lapse has created a turmoil in the passengers' lives. (Twitter)
The time lapse has created a turmoil in the passengers' lives. (Twitter)

Following the incidents of Episode 4, which focused on Bethany (Mugga) and her nephew's boyfriend, Thomas, the fifth episode will circle back to the Stone family who will discover new secrets and then find ways to cope with the unusual incidents happening around them. Before tuning in to the fifth episode which will air on Monday, October 22 on NBC at 10 p.m. here are the four things to recall from the last episode: 

1. Bethany's secret

At the beginning of Episode 4, we saw in flashback Bethany sneaking towards the end of the plane to speak with Thomas whom she had smuggled from Jamaica. Thomas is Bethany's nephew, Leo's lover and she was only trying to help him reach the States where he could reunite with Leo. However, as the unexpected turn of events churned out the incidents that followed, Thomas was captured by the cops the moment he tried escaping from that plane. He was immediately taken to the psychiatric ward as an "emotionally disturbed" person. Moreover, Thomas was probably the only one who wasn't told about the time lapse of five years. 



He refused to believe what people were saying, which further resulted in a series of erratic behavior on his part. He was soon considered a mentally disturbed person but was fortunately rescued by Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) and Bethany who explained to him that things were no more the same and they have actually skipped almost five years of their lives. Bethany who had no idea about Thomas' whereabouts after she got off the plane was relieved to have found him at Bethesda Terrace. Along with Saanvi and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), she discovered that every passenger was experiencing something extremely unusual, like hearing strange voices and seeing visions. 

However, with Bethany's secret, we have another passenger and his story to look out for. But then again we don't know for sure, how much of Thomas' story will be explored. 

2. Saanvi sees things

Saanvi has held a significant place in the story as she seems to be the only one who has put her head down to work and has avoided being distracted. Ever since her return, she has taken charge of Cal's (Jack Messina) case of leukemia, as that has been her field of study in research. However, while diagnosing Cal's illness she discovered that both she and him have a similar mark in their heads which wasn't there before they boarded the plane. In episode 4, when she consults the head of the department she realizes that the marks could be potential indicators of schizophrenia. 

Saanvi discusses her recent discoveries with Ben. (IMDb)
Saanvi discusses her recent discoveries with Ben. (IMDb)

Soon after that Saanvi encounters the bronze angel. Although she initially thinks it to be just a figment of her imagination, she soon begins to see wet footsteps which lead her to Room no. 810 where she meets Thomas who claims that the air hostess, Bethany, knew something about what happened in the plane. Saanvi also speaks with Ben (Josh Dallas) about this, and he further informs Michaela who has a similar vision as Saanvi. As Saanvi tries to help Bethany rescue Thomas from the hospital, the two soon bump into Michaela who helps them find Thomas at the Bethesda Terrace. 

Probably even more than seeing the angel, it will be interesting to know if Saanvi actually suffers from schizophrenia. If that is the case, then she and Cal are seeing and hearing things for a similar reason. But what about the rest? Do they have the marks too?

3. Ben and Olive try to bond

Ben is probably the only who has been in fix ever since he has returned. As a father, he has missed out on the last five years of his teenage daughter's life. As a husband, he now finds his wife rooting for someone else to help the family get through their times of difficulty. As an associate professor, he is pretty much out of job and is trying hard to make ends meet. However, nothing can be worse than realizing that his own daughter now looks up to someone else for help and protection. The gap between Ben and Olive (Luna Blaise) has been quite evident since Olive somehow feels that her father still sees her as the 10-year-old whom he had left five years ago. 

Ben has missed out five years of Olive's life. (IMDb)
Ben has missed out five years of Olive's life. (IMDb)

Ben discovers Olive shoplifting but more than that he is hurt by the fact that instead of calling him for help, it was Danny that Olive resorted to calling. Ben was utterly shocked when he discovered that Danny had already reached the shop before he did, and was already comforting Olive. As Ben tries to understand why all of this is happening, he recalls the time he had spent with the 10-year-old Olive, and how much he misses being with her. However, he somehow manages to win her trust by explaining to her that age does not matter to him. 

Olive is also five years apart from her twin brother, Cal, who is probably able to see the future. In the upcoming episode, we will see Ben trying everything to keep his family safe but is soon led on by Cal who narrates to his father what he sees in the future. Will Ben be able to reconnect with his daughter, and what will he see when he follows Cal? 

4. Michaela misunderstands

Michaela has already been in dilemma ever since she has returned from the plane. With her mother passing away and Jared being engaged to her best friend, Lourdes, she seems to have lost her way. However, as a cop, she has been on a spree rescuing several people and solving cases...all as a result of the voice that she hears inside her head. As one of the first characters who encountered the paranormal nature of their existence, Michaela has been on the lookout for some kind of clue. However, she completely misinterprets the latest clue when the bronze angel appears in front of her to tell her, "Save him." 



Michaela's hasty decision blows up an entire underground cover, but Jared who was her partner in the case managed to save her from further scrutiny by taking the blame upon himself. Michaela is immediately in a fix as she tries to fight her feelings for Jared, to whom she was supposed to be engaged before she boarded the plane. Fortunately, when she goes to meet with Saanvi after Ben's suggestion, she realizes that both she and Saanvi have been seeing the same things, and it was leading them to the same place. After rescuing Thomas, along with Bethany and Saanvi, Michaela stands in front of the Angel of Waters at Bethesda Terrace and asks, "What do you want from me?" 

To find out the answers to all questions tune in to NBC on Monday, October 22, at 10 p.m.