'Manifest' episode 3 recap: 5 things to remember before tuning into episode 4

'Manifest' episode 3 recap: 5 things to remember before tuning into episode 4

The third episode of creator Jeff Rake's 'Manifest', starring Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas, had left us wondering what more could lie ahead for the characters. The show follows the story of the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 which disappeared in 2013 and has landed back in 2018, by when all the passengers were presumed dead. While the show has been pulling strings to adjust the backgrounds of several characters according to the plot, the show chiefly remains grounded in the Stone family, whose two members Michaela (Roxburgh) and Ben (Dallas) along with Ben's son, Cal (Jack Messina) are now facing some unusual events in their lives. 

Episode 3 revolved largely on the theme "own your truth", and throughout the episode, every character seemed to follow the pattern in their own ways. While the phrase, "own your truth", was just a calling that Michaela heard and wrote on the fridge, it soon gave rise to a series of unusual events that have certainly answered some questions. Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) followed her true calling to discover the mark inside Cal's head which could be the reason why the passengers are experiencing those eerie incidents. Michaela takes charge of her own truth and tries to confront Evie's parents with the reality. Similarly, while revolving around the theme, the third episode has managed to unwind certain sections of the show. 



So, before turning into the fourth episode which airs on Monday, October 15, at 10 p.m. here are the five things that we need to remember: 

1. The Kelly-Taylor murder mystery

Episode 3 gave us a whole new perspective when the actual murderer of Kelly Taylor was revealed. Taylor went on television, in spite of a strict warning from the authorities to maintain a complete media blackout, and revealed her story claiming that it was her true calling and she needs to "own up to [her] truth". Shortly afterward she is murdered by a mysterious shadow figure who shoots her on the head. While the cops arrested Isaiah (Olli Haaskivi) for the murder, Michaela soon discovers that it was actually Kelly's housekeeper, Christine, who had murdered Taylor. 

Taylor's mystery did not stop at that. Towards the end of the third episode, we saw Saanvi telling Ben and Michaela that Taylor's records had disappeared and her body was missing. Later on, it was revealed that Taylor's body is now under the custody of the authorities who are probably trying to figure out what could have happened inside that plane. 

After the interview, Kelly was shot dead. (IMDb)
After the interview, Kelly was shot dead. (IMDb)


2. Saanvi's discovery

Saanvi was determined to help people suffering from cancer, and seeing that her subject for research was very closely related to Cal's leukemia, she immediately took up the case. Saanvi was probably the first one who realized that all that was happening to them was not simply a coincidence, but it was time for all of them to grab the opportunities in hand. She discovers the mark on Cal's brain which was not there before he boarded the flight. In order to verify her doubt, she takes her own blood sample to check if the mark was there, and she soon realizes that she too has the mark. 

Saanvi's discovery will gradually unfold in the upcoming episode, and probably Ben will be her ally. She has all the information, and the means, to find out what actually happened on that flight, and it won't be long before she manages to outdo CIA officer, Vance (Daryl Edwards), in the search for the real truth. 



3. Isaiah's explanation

Episode 3 came up with a new character, Isaiah, who seemed to have been more of a soothsayer. Isaiah knew everything about every single passenger on the flight, and probably his continuous sneaking around made him the prime suspect in the case of Taylor's murder. However, Michaela soon discovers that the actual murderer was not Isaiah but Christine. When she comes to visit him in prison, for the first time we get a glimpse into the fact that whatever was happening to Michaela and the other passengers was not just Fate. Isaiah calls them the "Chosen One", and in doing so he explains that it is their destiny that has led them this way. 

Although Michaela projects doubt about Isaiah's explanation, he simplified things for her by claiming that she has probably not understood things yet because she has been concealing a big secret from everyone, including herself. Isaiah recited a line from Luke 8:17 which says, "For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open." Almost like a messenger, Isaiah has single-handedly informed the viewers that everything will eventually reveal itself. 

Isaiah seems to know all of their secrets. (IMDb)
Isaiah seems to know all of their secrets. (IMDb)

4. Ben and Grace's calling

Ben and Grace are probably the two characters who have found themselves thrown in a turmoil. When Ben disappeared, Grace faced a hard time adjusting to the fact that both her husband and son were gone. Left alone with her daughter, she probably had no other choice but to go along with another man who not only helped her live through the nightmare but also supported her daughter in her games. With the years passing, Grace had almost given up on Ben but his sudden arrival has left her in the dilemma if she should go back to her husband or be with the man who has been with her in the most critical situation. 

Although Ben is aware of what had happened, he gives his wife the space to get over the shock and come back to him. He certainly is doubtful, but we saw the two reunite in the third episode when Ben asks Grace to give him a second chance in the family. 



5. Cal and Olive's bond

Cal and Olive (Luna Blaise) are in the most unrealistic situation now that in spite of being twins, the two are five years apart in age. Not only that, Cal realizes that his sister has a world of her own in which none of the family members are allowed...the usual teen code of defiance and intolerance. When he discovers Olive sneaking out in the middle of the night, he bails out on her the next day complaining to his parents about his sister's act. Cal also faces a hard time when he meets his best friend, Kevin, who is also five years older than him now. Although Kevin tries to fix things with Cal, Cal somehow does not see the point of anything.

Cal seems to have risen above everyone else, as he sees things, understands them, and then turns his back on them. Yet when it comes to Olive, he does not want to understand what his sister has been up to but only prays that both them could be of the same age again. However, Olive assures him that they were twins and nothing in the world could keep them from being best friends- from the womb to the tomb. 




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 Manifest episode 3 recap 5 things to remember before tuning into episode 4