'Manifest': Are things looking good for Jared and Michaela getting back? Here's what we think

The two have been tip-toeing around their feelings for too long, and it's high time they confess their feelings to each other

                            'Manifest': Are things looking good for Jared and Michaela getting back? Here's what we think

NBC's Jeff Rake-directed show, 'Manifest', is on a long fall break but the finale episode which aired November 26, left us contemplating if Michaela Stone and Jared will ever reconcile their relationship. Starring Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis (as Grace Stone), Melissa Roxburgh (as Michaela Stone), Parveen Kaur (as Saanvi Bahl), and J.R. Ramirez (as Jared) 'Manifest' has been following the aftermath of the sudden re-appearance of Montego Air Flight 828 which went missing almost five years ago, but when the plane returned it was revealed the passengers had remained, mysteriously, the age they were five years ago.

In the fall finale, following the attack on the UDS headquarters, Jared was severely injured in the bomb blast. Michaela, who had been trying hard to hide her feelings from Jared could no longer hold herself back from confessing that she still cared for him.

As for Jared, coming back to his senses, he denied meeting Lourdes but preferred staying alongside Michaela. Fans are already hoping the two get together when the series returns January 7. One fan on Twitter mentioned, "I need Jared and Michaela to be a thing, bye bye Lourdes." Another fan supported the idea claiming, "I love them so much I just want them to get back together."


Fans have been rooting for the couple since the first episode, where it was revealed that after Michaela went missing for five and a half years, Jared moved on with her best friend, Lourdes. However, once she was back, he could not hold himself back from protecting her and assisting her in all her missions.

The two tip-toed around their feelings, never revealing how they felt towards each other, but in the end, Michaela finally bends her knee when she assumes she may lose Jared. It seems that the two will finally reveal their feelings and accept each other once again. The promo trailer of Episode 10, shows a glimpse of Jared holding Michaela to kiss her.

While there is a chance it may only be a dream Michaela sees, we can assume, maybe, Jared still has feelings for her and decides to embrace it. Although, according to Lourdes, they are about to start a family, yet, Jared never revealed any such news to Michaela, which, in a way, indicates he probably would not want her to think otherwise. Even when he took up all those missions alongside Michaela, he kept Lourdes in the dark by not informing her about the amount of risk he is hazarding in order to help Michaela. 


Fans certainly want to see them together and let's be honest, they are truly a couple to root for. As cops, they are both fuelled by the desire to do good, and in the end, none of them have ever backed away from risking their lives to save others. 'Manifest' returns to NBC January 7, and it seems things are looking up this time.

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