'Manifest': 5 things the show needs to address when it returns after its fall break

The Jeff Rake-crreated show has left many things hanging by a thin thread, and we hope that they will be dealt with once the show returns in January.

                            'Manifest': 5 things the show needs to address when it returns after its fall break

Starring Josh Dallas (as Ben Stone), Athena Karkanis (as Grace), Melissa Roxburgh (as Michaela Stone), and Parveen Kaur (as Saanvi Bahl), Manifest follows the sudden re-appearance of Montego Air Flight 828, which went missing for almost five and a half years. The mystery deepens when all the passengers return alive, none of them seem to have aged even a day. The passengers get back into their daily world and realize they're now experiencing certain "callings" which seem to be leading them towards one destination. Keeping the mysterious element intact, during the course of its run, NBC's Jeff Rake-created show 'Manifest' kept dropping hints about the missing plane in every episode.

While the show is set to return on January 7, in the fall finale, it gave the audience certain hints which have either helped establish the villain of the show or offered glimpses into what could await the Stone siblings. However, there are still certain things that the show has left unaddressed. Whether its Saanvi's discovery regarding brain tissues or Vance's doubtful death, there are many things that have intensified the mystery. Considering every clue that seems to have been dropped here and there through the first half of Season 1, here are the top five things that 'Manifest' must address when it returns from the long fall break.

What happened to all those clues that 'Manifest' left us with? (IMDb)
What happened to all those clues that 'Manifest' left us with? (IMDb)

1. What about the number 828?

The number 828 was a recurring feature in the first few episodes of 'Manifest'. However, after a point, it seemed that the creators and writer forgot about the number while concentrating more on the "callings". Fans have come up with several theories about the number which depicts the Roman verse 8:28. The verse was addressed to in the first episode, as it said: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." The verse signifies the "calling" that the passengers have been experiencing ever since they got off the plane. 




The number also appeared in places such as number plates, clocks, and addresses but in all the nine episodes it was never clearly depicted what the number actually stood for. Whether the number is just a reference to Divinity or if it is a code will probably be revealed once the show resumes in January. 

2. Saanvi and the brain tissues

Saanvi was making some remarkable progress with her research on the "callings". She went up to discover that there were certain marks in her brain tissues that were not there when she had boarded the plane. On further research, she realized that all the other passengers have a similar mark on their heads. Although she had initially dismissed it thinking that it could be an early indication of schizophrenia, Fiona Clarke's papers on mirror neurons brought back Saanvi's findings of the brain tissues. However, it was not addressed in the show after the third episode, probably because the focus shifted to the 11 missing passengers and the UDS. 

Saanvi might have discovered something which could help solve the mystery. (IMDb)
Saanvi might have discovered something which could help solve the mystery. (IMDb)

Hopefully, once the show returns we will get to know how Saanvi's research can help them discover the truth behind the "callings" since she already mentioned that Clarke's study on mirror neurons formed a base for her research on brain tissues.

3. Who is Danny?

Nine episodes down and we still have no clue about the man who has managed to steal Grace from Ben. What started as a casual affair in Grace's peer group class soon turned into a serious relationship such that even when Ben came back from the dead, Grace was not able to give up on Danny. So who is Danny? Other than the fact that he is a widowed man who loves Olive as his own, there was no other information given out about Danny. Some fans are assuming if Danny is actually associated with UDS in someway and have been laying a trap for Ben and Michaela through Grace, who is completely in the dark about it. 




When the show returns, probably, we will be able to explore more of Danny's character. It is necessary to truly understand him in order to bring the turmoil between Grace and Ben to a full circle. 

4. Prof. Cal Xaviers

Cal is the only one who has managed to attain clairsensitive powers but over the last few episodes, it wasn't revealed why only Cal has the power to feel other people emotions with the same intensity. Cal almost faced his death when he found his mind bound with Marco's, one of the 11 missing passengers who was being electrocuted. Cal also seems to know things beforehand, as he once led Ben straight to the basement where he had kept Thomas. Cal also knew that Ben would be only one who would be able to see the light, and it turned out that he actually could. 




Cal's powers are as compelling as the "callings" but he seems to have an upper hand since Cal has never questioned his ability to hear voices and see visions, unlike Ben and Michaela who are constantly looking for a reason behind the "callings".

5. Is Lourdes really pregnant?

It was revealed that Michaela's best friend, Lourdes who is now married to Jared, was planning on starting a family. However, it was never revealed that she was actually pregnant. Lourdes had bumped into Grace at the mall where Grace found her carrying a pregnancy test kit, and Lourdes had casually declared that she was planning on starting a family. However, when Michaela confronted Jared upon hearing the news from Grace, he did not mention anything about Lourdes being pregnant. Considering a clip from the promo clip of the tenth episode which will air on January 7, Michaela and Jared actually share a kiss. 


Is Lourdes feigning her pregnancy to keep Jared with her? (IMDb)
Is Lourdes feigning her pregnancy to keep Jared with her? (IMDb)

If Lourdes is actually pregnant, will Jared readily leave her for Michaela? Jared does not seem to be a man of the kind, which means that Lourdes probably is not pregnant. 

With Matt Long joining the cast, 'Manifest' is set to return on NBC on January 7, at 10 pm.