'Manifest': 4 times Olive and Cal gave us some real twin-goals

Cal and Olive have truly overcome a real test of time. In spite of their distorted age difference, they continue to be best friends

                            'Manifest': 4 times Olive and Cal gave us some real twin-goals

The entire mystery of 'Manifest' seems to become even more intense when it is considered from the perspective of the Stone twins, Cal and Olive. When Cal left to board Montego Air Flight 828, along with his father Ben Stone (played by Josh Dallas) and aunt, Michaela Stone (played by Melissa Roxburgh), he and his twin, Olive, were of the same age - they were both 10-year-olds.

However, when the plane finally returned five and a half years later, it was revealed that although Olive was now a 15-year-old teenager, Cal had not aged a day. He continued to be the same 10-year-olboy. Starring Jack Messina (as Cal) and Luna Blaise (as Olive), the Jeff Rake-directed show has seen the twins not only overcome their age difference but also gradually begin to think and feel the same things together.

However, before they finally managed to be friends again, Cal and Olive went through a severe rough patch when the plane initially returned. The two could not believe they had not aged together, and we saw in the first episode Cal was scared of talking to Olive. They encountered a phase where neither of the two were able to understand each other, but over the course of the first season, Olive and Cal managed to put their differences aside and look at the bright side - their family was finally united.

Cal and Olive were of the same age before Cal boarded the plane. (IMDb)
Cal and Olive were of the same age before Cal boarded the plane. (IMDb)

Before the show returns after its long fall break January 7, here are 4 times Cal and Olive gave us some real twin goals:

1. "Our little secret"

For the longest time, Cal and Olive did not have any interaction on the show. In the first three episodes, Cal was chiefly involved with his treatment for leukemia which was being led by one of the passengers on the plane, Dr. Saanvi Bahl (played by Parveen Kaur).

However, when the twins finally interacted, it was almost like a reminder of their childhood when they would share secrets and no one in the world would know. Cal saw Olive climbing out of the window at night, but Olive was not at all worried about being caught in the act. She instead told Cal to not tell anyone and that, it was "our little secret".

Cal and Olive would share secrets of which no one else would know. (IMDb)
Cal and Olive would share secrets of which no one else would know. (IMDb)

2. Us against them

Cal sold out Olive's secret, in spite of her asking him not to do so, and when she asked for an explanation about the betrayal, Cal said he was upset because she was no longer friends with him. The twins share a rather sweet moment, after that, where Olive invites him to join her for a game of Cat Cradle, and Cal immediately apologizes for the way he behaved. However, Olive assures him she was not really upset and reminded him of their old "twin rule", that it has always been "us against them".


3. Back to School

Due to the uncanny incidents of the plane and Cal suffering from leukemia, Grace and Ben were both worried their son will never make it back to school. Fortunately, Cal did but it was going to be difficult for him as all of his old friends were now in middle school and he was still in junior high.

However, Olive assured Cal he could walk with her to school, and the twins also shared their lunch together along with all their other friends who were now five years older than Cal. Olive was also the one who encouraged Cal into believing he would be absolutely great on his first day, and she also dropped him off at the classroom, where everyone welcomed Cal as though nothing had happened. 


4. Coping with their parents' situation

Probably one of the biggest tests the twins had to go through was choosing between their parents. While Cal disappeared for five and a half years with his father, Olive stayed back with her mother who went through some severe phases of depression. The twins saw their parents re-unite but again separate since Grace could not put up with Ben's impulsive actions.

Both the twins stayed back with their mother, but they assured their father they will make sure he returns home. It can be said, that in spite of all their differences, Cal and Olive have been handling situations far better than their parents.


We will see more of the twins when the show returns January 7, and will Olive ever discover her brother's clairsensitive powers?

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