Thai man who hired assassins to kill his sister and her British millionaire husband sentenced to death

Thai man who hired assassins to kill his sister and her British millionaire husband sentenced to death

A Thai man who organized the killing of his sister and her retired millionaire husband through hitmen has been sentenced to death. According to reports, Warut Satchakit planned the sickening murder of his own sister Nott and her British husband Alan Hogg at their home in Phrae, northern Thailand, in September last year.

The 63-year-old hired an assassin, 24-year-old Kittipong Kamwan, and paid the man to batter 61-year-old Nott to death with a hammer, while his pal Phia Kamsai blasted her 63-year-old husband with a shotgun. Hogg's body was discovered a few days later buried alongside his wife in a two-meter-deep hole behind a duck pond in the grounds of their sprawling home.

Satchakit and the two hitmen confessed to the murders and concealing the body while a fourth man, Sima Uppamun, who acted as an "agent" to help Satchakit with the plan, was jailed for 25 years.

According to the Mirror, the Phrae Provincial Court sentenced the three killers to death by legal injection but they will have 30 days to appeal the ruling.

It is being further reported that in case the appeal is not successful, they will be executed in secret by the state within a few days of the hearing. Hogg's relatives were reportedly in court during the hearing but declined to speak with the media. Meanwhile, killer Kamsai's son also attended the hearing, where he said that he is not being allowed to see his father.

The boy said after the judgment, "I still haven’t had contact with my father since this happened. My mother sent a letter to me about the sentencing today. I will not be allowed to see him again. I was working abroad when this happened and only knew when I saw in the news.’’

After the brutal murder that took place last year, it was found that Satchakit had fallen out with the murdered couple over a long-running family feud. He had become increasingly jealous of Hogg's wealth -- which the retired Brit had used to build a luxury mansion, while he lived in a shabby wooden hut next door.

Hogg was the director of a laundry company in Bonnyrigg, Scotland, and had moved to Thailand several years ago. His daughter Robyn Hogg, a production assistant, flew to Thailand from the UK after being told of her parents’ ­disappearance.

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