Man shot by Kenosha cops while trying to break up fight in critical state, Internet says 'dismantle the system'

An unverified video shows the man walking to a car, followed by police, and opening the driver's side door. One cop allegedly grabbed the back of his t-shirt and at least one open fired

                            Man shot by Kenosha cops while trying to break up fight in critical state, Internet says 'dismantle the system'
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KENOSHA, WISCONSIN: A man was allegedly shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 23. A video surfaced on Sunday, August 23, which showed the alleged shooting of a Black man as he got into a car, according to a report by the Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast stated that one cop grabbed the back of his t-shirt and at least one opened fire. According to the report, in the video, a series of shots can be heard as bystanders screamed in horror. MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) cannot verify the authenticity of the video. The report stated that the shooting occurred just before 5.30 pm. He was taken by Flight for Life to a hospital.

According to Kenosha News, neighbors said the incident happened in front of his children. The report quoted a police statement that said, "At 5.11 pm, Kenosha Police Officers were sent to the 2800 block of 40th Street for a domestic incident and were involved in an officer-involved shooting. Officers provided immediate aid to the person."

It added, "The person was transported via Flight for Life to Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee. The person is in serious condition. Kenosha Sheriff’s Department and Wisconsin State Patrol were requested immediately so that the scene could be turned over to an agency, other than Kenosha Police. The Wisconsin Department of Justice (D.O.J.), Division of Criminal Investigation (D.C.I.) will be investigating this officer-involved shooting." The man was apparently trying to break up a fight between two women, stated the Kenosha News report.

According to a report by Eminetra, TMJ4 News reports that a family member has identified the victim as 29-year-old Jacob Blake. WDJT-TV, CBS 58 in Milwaukee, reported that a large group gathered at the scene following the shooting. According to the report, Aaron, a neighbor, said, "I know he's got kids and a girl. I never had a problem with him. I always see him every day. Parks right behind me on the street."

The report further quoted Clyde Mclemore, founder of the Lake County chapter of Black Lives Matter, Illinois, as saying, "It goes back to the Emmett Tills. We're tired of it. Rodney King. We're tired of it. And right now, this is the wrong generation that this is happening to. The frustration is boiling to the top and we're sick and tired.” The report also quotes Kenosha County Board Supervisor Zach Rodriguez, who was at the scene after the shooting, as saying, "I'm praying for that family, regardless of the situation. What happened here tonight highlights that we need body cameras for not just our sheriff's deputies, but our city police department as well." 

Twitter also witnessed reactions from users after the incident. A user alleged, "An innocent Black man was murdered by cops in Kenosha tonight. They shot him in front of his children. Why were they called? The man who was shot broke up a fight. He does not resist. They shot him seven times. They were shooting to kill."


Another accused, "Kenosha police just shot a man 7 times while he was trying to get into his car after he broke up a fight. there was NO justification behind shooting him. do y’all seriously not f**king get it yet? dismantle the entire system. #BLM."


An upset user alleged, "This is just what happened in my city. Kenosha, Wisconsin. An UNARMED black man was shot SEVEN TIMES after already being tased with 3 officers around him. I’m sick to my stomach. This could be your black BROTHER, your black FATHER, your black SON! When will it stop?"


Another person said, "I want everyone to watch the video of the Kenosha police shooting a black man 7 times in the back as he tried to climb into his car. Watch it and understand what it means to be black in America, watch it and look at the evil of white supremacy taking the life of someone away."


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