Detroit teenager shot and killed by man over a pair of designer sunglasses at local gas station, CCTV footage reveals

Detroit teenager shot and killed by man over a pair of designer sunglasses at local gas station, CCTV footage reveals

An 18-year-old teenager was shot dead at a gas station in Detroit's east side over a pair of sunglasses after the shooter allegedly appeared in a red Chevy Cobalt and tried to grab them. A report by Fox2 revealed that there was not much of a scuffle and the teenager, Lateo Garrett, may have been shot unprompted.

Detroit police have not yet revealed any information about the suspect or those associated with him but an investigation is underway after the incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed at the gas station. Garett was at the gas station with his brother at the time of the shooting.

The brothers had gone inside the station to get something to drink when the shooter arrived and tried to grab Garett's Cartier sunglasses. Garett instinctively ducked and tried to avoid getting robbed. That's when the man whipped out his gun and shot him, jumped into his car and escaped. Garett was left bleeding in his brother's arms. Emergency services transported him to the hospital where he died later.

Garett's mother, who chose to remain anonymous, was heart-broken and described what she saw in the camera and said, "I can get another pair of glasses, I can't get his life back." She elaborated on the video saying, “He just reached for him, Garett She continued, "Garett was like 'I'm losing it bro', and my son was like 'I'm here I'm with you bro I'm just hot'. I was on the phone talking to them the whole time." This was the time when Garett was bleeding and his brother had called 911 and their mother. She added, "I see it on the news. I see it on social media. I feel bad for those families but never in a million years do you think you get that call, never."

Garett was preparing to enter college next year and his mother said this about his personality, "He's very humble, he would go to work every day just a nice kid."

So far, the Detroit police department is reviewing the evidence and the video footage. They are looking for the red Chevy Cobalt and the men associated with the shooting. Garett's mother, however, revealed that the surveillance video was really clear and that it shows the face of the shooter.


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