Horrific footage shows man walking through alley holding wife's decapitated head while smoking a cigarette

Horrific footage shows man walking through alley holding wife's decapitated head while smoking a cigarette
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In a freak incident, a man was seen walking through an alley in China holding his wife's decapitated head after he had killed her. The suspect, now identified as 31-year-old Zhang, is accused of slaughtering her at their residence, reported Metro.

After cutting her up, Zhang walked out of the door and took her head to a waste transfer station to dispose of it, like he was taking out the previous day's garbage. The homicide took place in the village of Kangle in Guangzhou’s Haizhu District in South China’s Guangdong Province. Residents in the vicinity are known to work in garment factories.

After disposing of his wife's head in the garbage station, Zhang turned himself in to the authorities at around 8 am local time on April 25. According to reports, the police cordoned off the vicinity while post-mortem examiners were summoned to the scene to remove the wife's headless body from the rented apartment in which the couple was staying.


Zhang's wife's headless body was later found at his residence by law enforcement and he was subsequently arrested and charged with murder. His wife has now been identified as 28-year-old Xia. Her severed head was later discovered by a sanitation worker who then called the authorities.

Wang, a neighbor,  told a reporter that he noticed a man walking on the street 'drenched in blood'. "The man is about 5.6ft tall and had blood all over his clothes and shoes," Wang said. Authorities in Guangzhou later issued a statement confirming that Zhang killed his 28-year-old wife Xia.

The statement read: "Suspect Mr. Zhang killed his wife out of a family dispute. Mr. Zhang turned himself in to Guangzhou Police at around 8am."

According to a statement released by Haizhu District authorities, the couple in question are both natives of North China’s Hebei Province. Bone-chilling footage from CCTV cameras in the alley have captured the cold moment when Zhang walked out of the front porch of his building holding his wife's head and moved on without flinching.


There was another man accompanying the suspect in the captured footage, although it is not known whether the unidentified male was an accomplice in the homicide. It is baffling to note that despite a number of neighbors around, who can be seen walking on the street, no one in the alley appeared to notice the woman's head in Zhang's hand in the short clip. Xia's head was later retrieved by authorities from the transfer station, who wrapped it in a cardboard box and took it away.

As of the moment, investigations are still underway.


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