Man sentenced to life in prison after dismembering his girlfriend and making a necklace with her teeth

Man sentenced to life in prison after dismembering his girlfriend and making a necklace with her teeth
Dean Lowe (Source: Police Department)

A Brit who chopped up his girlfriend and made a necklace with her teeth was sentenced to life behind bars on Tuesday.

33-year-old Dean Lowe was convicted of murdering his girlfriend 32-year-old Kirby Noden in January 2017 last week.

Lowe killed his girlfriend, hacked her body to pieces and then made a necklace using her teeth. He confessed to the police after he committed the heinous act.

Officials at the Devon & Cornwall Police said in a statement that Lowe was convicted of killing 32-year-old Kirby Noden last week for the crime that was committed in January 2017.

He lived with the crime for many months after committing it. The story he had given family and friends for Noden's disappearance was that she had left him for another man.

According to the authorities, members of Lowe's family had called them up in concern after they had received some "disturbing" messages from Lowe on a social media platform in May 2017.


The messages claimed that there was a body on the floor which Lowe said he had to cut up and put into some bins.

According to Sky News, Lowe wrote to one of his cousins: "Either I’m getting set up or I’ve murdered Kirby. I had a blackout, hazy memory and woke up with a body on the floor. I am scared so I just got rid." 

"I put the body in the bins down the road. I remember the binmen finding all the meat and didn’t know what it was. The carpet was lifted because of the body matter."

Investigators conducted a search of Lowe's home and found a hideous scene when they got there.

There was blood spattered on the walls, a rock and a metal pole that was used to kill his girlfriend, as well as a blood stained mattress that Lowe still slept on after the crime.

Sky News reported that he also told the police about a necklace that he had made using his girlfriend's teeth which he wore around his neck.


Detective Inspector Ian Ringrose said in a statement: "Miss Noden’s family have been put through a living hell with Lowe not disclosing where he disposed of Kirby’s body and denying all knowledge in court. Lowe added to their upset by insisting that Kirby was still alive."

"We hope today’s verdict gives them some comfort in the conclusion of the case and our thoughts and sympathies are with them."

The sentencing, which took place on May 15, did not go so well for Lowe and according to the judge, he showed the "opposite of remorse" in the court by lying about everything.

Justice Juliet May then added: "You must have eaten, slept, watched TV and taken your drugs next to [Noden’s corpse] for several days, with two bull terriers in the same room."

"You cut up what remained, wrapped some in the carpet and took the rest in rucksacks to the bins."

Noden's devastated family were able to finally thank the investigators for getting the conviction they were hoping for in the case. 


They said in a statement: "Dean Lowe has taken away from us something totally precious, and although we welcome this verdict and sentence, it will never replace our loss."

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 Man sentenced to life in prison after dismembering his girlfriend and making a necklace with her teeth