Heartbroken man takes his own life after finding out his wife was sleeping with his best friend

Heartbroken man takes his own life after finding out his wife was sleeping with his best friend
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A man has committed suicide after he found out that his wife was having an affair with his best friend. An inquest heard on March 29 that 30-year-old Zoltan Benedek had moved to Hull from his native country of Romania only in February last year. He was found dead in his home on June 18, just three months after he moved.

The Hull Coroner's Court heard that his wife had followed him to the city a few weeks after him at the chance that they would be able to lead a better life together. The couple both got jobs at the same factory in the city, the Daily Mail reported.

As soon as the couple arrived in Britain, however, she claimed that carpenter Benedek stopped showing her any affection and would "not hug or kiss her". She then forged an intimate relationship with Benedek's best friend because he had listened to her and took care of her needs.


The woman reportedly told the inquest through an interpreter: "I told him about the affair and he suggested we go back to Romania. There was a big argument between us because of that. He seemed very annoyed. He then told me to p*** off and never wanted to see me again."


The hearing was then told that Benedek's wife had told him two weeks before he took his own life that she was in a relationship with his best friend after she started "feeling guilty" about the affair. Benedek started behaving erratically after that even though his wife claimed that she still wanted to be with him.

Benedek reportedly called the factory in Hull where the couple worked and told his bosses that his wife would not be coming in to work because she was heading back to Romania. The pair had a massive fight that evening before the devastated man finally took his own life in their apartment.

His wife said in the hearing: "I left to stay with my husband's friend that night. When I went back at around 2 pm, the door was locked and I couldn't get in. I saw a silhouette of Zoltan at the window and then left. When I returned back at the house at 9 am the next morning, I saw my key outside the door and when I let myself in, he was dead on the stairs."


She then said that her husband drank at least three beers each day by himself but that number would allegedly quadruple if he went drinking with friends.


The autopsy found that Benedek was almost three times the drink-drive limit that day. He had reportedly had 233 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of blood. The legal limit in the country is 80 microgrammes in 100ml of blood.

Ian Richardson also said that the medical cause of death was determined as hanging. Matthew Gillot, a police constable, said that there was no evidence of foul play or any third-party involvement. Assistant coroner Lorraine Harris concluded the inquest by recording the death as a suicide.


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