Man punches woman in face at NYC Earth Day celebration hosted by Mayor Eric Adams

Man punches woman in face at NYC Earth Day celebration hosted by Mayor Eric Adams
The woman (R) was hit by man (L) after an altercation (Screenshot from NY Post video)

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Even an event hosted by Mayor Eric Adams was not safe from the violence that continues to affect New York City. During the 'Car-Free Earth Day' celebration in the South Bronx that Adams was hosting, an unidentified man struck a woman in the face. The incident happened approximately 10 feet away from Adams.

The altercation began around 1:45 pm on Saturday, April 22, at Roberto Clemente Plaza on Willis Avenue, as seen in a video recorded by a photographer from the New York Post. The woman involved appeared to be in her late 20s or early 30s.


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Woman threw debris and pizza at bystanders

To the shock of bystanders, the woman started kicking bags of recyclables left along the Roberto Clemente Plaza before opening them and scattering debris. Despite a man in his 60s wearing sunglasses and a cap trying to get her to stop, the woman continued with her actions. As the man walked away, she sassily broke off pieces of the pizza she was eating and threw them at him. The woman continued to throw the debris out of a bag while yelling, "F**k off my block! What the f**k is up?!"


Man punched the woman in face

The man, fed up, grabbed the woman's shirt with his right hand and hit her in the face with a wild-left roundhouse punch, causing her to fall to the ground as shocked onlookers exclaimed, "Oh!" Within seconds, members of the mayor's security detail and event organizers intervened to separate the two people. However, the woman stood up immediately and ran towards the man while shouting, "You want to hit me, N-word!" The woman tried to swing at the man as she got up, but she was unsuccessful as the security was already escorting him away in the opposite direction.

As the woman stormed off in anger, Mayor Adams was seen smiling and taking selfies with supporters who had gathered nearby. It is not certain if the mayor was aware of the altercation when it started. However, a few minutes later, he inquired if there was a uniformed officer available to resolve the issue after the woman returned and claimed that she was hit, demanding a rematch. The identities of the individuals involved have not been confirmed yet. No arrests were made.

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 Man punches woman in face at NYC Earth Day celebration hosted by Mayor Eric Adams