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'Man of Steel' Watch Party: Zack Snyder might announce sequel, suggests new fan theory

Director Zack Snyder kicked off a 'Man of Steel' party at 8 am PDT on the Vero app, and fans hoped to hear about the elusive Snyder Cut of the 'Justice League'

If BossLogic's artwork and speculation is anything to go by, fans may end up hearing news about the possible announcement of a 'Man of Steel' sequel.

Director Zack Snyder kicked off a 'Man of Steel' watch party at 8 am PDT on the Vero app and this had led fans to theorize and speculate that the much enigmatic and elusive Snyder Cut of the 'Justice League' might be spoken about. However, with BossLogic throwing a new theory, Twitterati has been bombarding the social media platform with some major reactions. 

"I would literally cry if that’s true," a fan wrote. "In a way, this news would be better because that would most likely mean we get @ZackSnyder back and Henry Cavill as Superman again in a brand new movie. But I still want to see Zack's original cut of JL regardless. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut," a fan tweeted. "Best case it's the Snyder cut and the confirmation of the completion of Zack's 5 part arc," another fan opined. 

"Maybe. But all things indicate to Snyder cut Let's see," a tweet read. "Or a totally unrelated project but directed by Snyder, which would be kinda funny, at this point," another speculated. "I think that might make me even happier!" a fan said. "I’d rather have a new #Superman movie than the Snyder Cut. But one thing for sure if there was a #Superman movie announcement it won’t be Zack Snyder who's directing it," a fan said. 

"I was just saying "It would be WILD and a huge change of events that Zack would be the one ending up directing MoS2. That would be..mindblowing," another tweeted. This fan hoped to see Henry Cavill don the suit again— "You know what Enough with the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut Give us Man of steel 2, Henry Cavill deserves the Cape #superman #ManOfSteel #HenryCavill."

"If it's without Cavill, the best Superman ever, I don't care," a fan said. "Pay Henry Cavill whatever he needs," a fan said. "We dont know but whatever he is going to announce it will be awesome," a fan tweet read. "ould be, but unfortunately Henry and Zack don't see eye to eye on Supes arc. Henry was the only leader who didn't post #ReleaseTheSnyderCut last November :/" a fan remarked. 

'Man of Steel' released in 2013 and has been one of the much-adored films that also marked the start of the DC Universe. There have been rumors milling around that a 'Man of Steel 2' has always been in the pipeline and that Cavill would not return as Superman. But with these speculations and the sudden timing of Snyder's Watch party, just about anything is possible. Or for that matter, it could just be another quarantine watch for fans.