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'Man of Steel' Watch Party: Five reasons why the Henry Cavill starrer deserves a re-watch

From a complex Superman to the film setting up the DC Universe, here are some of the reasons to catch Snyder's 2013 work

These are tough times. And for the '90s who grew up reading superhero comics, watching the shows religiously when it aired on TV and reading up on the massive information and theories of these characters after the advent of the internet, there's a wish that Superman was here. The wish just heightened a little bit more news of director Zack Snyder doing a 'Man of Steel' Watch party broke. The announcement was made over his Vero page. 

"Many of us are struggling during this difficult time. Felt it could be cathartic to come together now for a Man of Steel Watch Party and celebrate the ultimate symbol of hope. Submit some questions, I’ll answer a few after. #onmyworlditmeanshope #manofsteel #superman." Snyder's not wrong. The word can perhaps use a symbol of hope in the form of Kal-El/ Clark Kent. So if watching 'Man of Steel' will bring in the overarching message of hope, then it deserves a watch. And safe to say that DC fans would agree. 

'Man of Steel' was a mixed outing for Snyder and Henry Cavill. While the film did receive praise and new fans, it also lost some of the fanatic Superman fans in its quest to give a different take to the character. Currently, the film has an acceptable 56% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This number is a lot better compared to the two other films that have Superman appearing— 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' (28%) and 'Justice League (40%).  And ahead of the watch party, we give you our reasons why this movie, in particular, deserves a rewatch. 

Presented a complex Superman to the world

Henry Cavill in a still from 'Man of Steel' (IMDb)

Kal-El/ Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) rescues people from a burning oil rig in the middle of the ocean. He rescues a waitress at a bar from a sleazy truck driver, and his life-saving days started in his teen days when he pulled out his drowning school bus rescuing his friends. So it wasn't the usual, outdated approach to the character. Adding to this was the fact he was aware of the supreme, god-like abilities that also made him an alien to this planet. 

This also presented Clark as someone unsure whether his abilities were a boon or a curse. It couldn't help save his father, Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) who died trying to save lives during a deadly hurricane. Then there's that thought of trying to adjust to this world as his home. While Clark grew, so did his connection to Earth. Don't get us wrong, he didn't hate the place, but there is a sense of confusion as to where he truly belonged. But he eventually earned his title after dealing with the insecurities.

Introduced a new level of action

The fight sequence aboard General Zod's (Michael Shannon) spaceship was intense. It gave a look at Clark's limitations, his source of strength, and a look at how powerful his fellow Kryptonians were.  Add to this the futuristic tech they possessed that posed a greater threat to earth. 

Hans Zimmer's rich and inspiring score

Gym rats and athletes would be lying when they say 'Flight' wouldn't be on their playlist. Zimmer's score is breathtaking and inspiring. After his epic scoring for 'The Dark Knight' trilogy, 'Man of Steel' comes in with that tone that shifts from bleak to hopeful. 

Michael Shannon as General Zod (IMDb)

The start of the DC Universe

'Man of Steel' paved way for the massively-anticipated 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.'  While we fully agree with fans the film was just downright terrible, it still was a start that would eventually introduce the world to DC's stalwarts. With 'Wonder Woman', 'Justice League' and 'Aquaman joining the roster, it was time for a new story to be told. 

For the love of Superman

Make all the fun you want— A muscled guy in blue and red spandex, a quintessential good boy, friend-zoned by Wonder Woman (the trollers, you know who you are). But Superman has had a loyal fan base that's accumulated over the decades. And for all the cliched messages, he still is one of those superheroes the world instantly recognizes. Sometimes, it is okay to let go of being critical with these films and just enjoy them the way they're made. 

'Man of Steel' Watch Party starts on Vero on May 20, 8 am PST.