Cop's son mows down 10 emus with his car, begs ex-girlfriend not to reveal his identity after video goes viral

Jacob Macdonald posted a video of himself running over emus with his car while driving at more than 120km/h

                            Cop's son mows down 10 emus with his car, begs ex-girlfriend not to reveal his identity after video goes viral


A horrifying video that has gone viral shows a man in a vehicle laughing like a maniac as he mercilessly runs over a group of emus with his car. The unnerving footage shows the man screaming out, "F****** emus", as he races along a rural road somewhere in the Australian Outback.

As he hit each bird with his vehicle, the disturbed man can be heard in the video keeping a count saying, "One, two, three..." The man can then be heard laughing like a maniac and can be heard saying, "This is f****** great." After the video went viral, there were calls to identify the man and bring him to justice. 

The man has now been identified as Jacob Macdonald, 20, from Pinnaroo in South Australia near Victoria. The man's identity was revealed by his ex-girlfriend who spoke to Daily Mail. She said that he went 'off the rails' after they broke up in July and that he begged her not to reveal his identity.

"He's the type to go hunting, he grew up that way but this is just atrocious. I was shocked and speechless... Angry mostly," she told the outlet. She claimed his mother was a police officer near the border of New South Wales and Victoria, while his father was a farmer in the NSW Riverina Region.

The man reportedly deleted his social media accounts after the video went viral.

In the video, Macdonald appears to be driving his vehicle at more than 120km/h and can be seen towards the end of the video when he turns the camera around to face him.


A spokesperson for the RSPCA Australia told the publication that the organization had been utterly horrified and shocked when they saw the footage. She said that the staff at the organization is currently going through the footage to try and see when and where it had been filmed. The RSPCA is also appealing to members of the public for any information and is pleading that anyone with any information about the identity of the man or where the incident happened to contact the RSPCA or the police immediately.

The spokesperson said, "Such sickening cruelty clearly has no place in our society,' she said. The RSPCA unequivocally condemns this type of violence, as it clearly shows a disregard for the lives of these vulnerable native animals, and raises grave concerns over this individual's capacity for such behavior.'

The man who had originally posted the video on Facebook, Fabio Galleti, told the Daily Mail that he shared it on social media because he despises animal cruelty. He said, "I hope they can find this person and do serious justice to him." Other social media users commented on the footage with absolute hatred for the mystery man in the footage. One said, "Scum of the earth". Another added: "What a maggot".

In a sad case of mistaken identity, however, 19-year-old Harrison Hatzis from Melbourne had first been named as the man in the video by many users on social media and he has started receiving death threats and threatening messages of abuse since then. He told, "It’s not me."


Since he was named as the man behind the wheel, Hatzis has received numerous death threats and messages from other social media users who saw his name tagged in the video and started contacting him directly on Facebook. He told the online publication, "My workmate tagged me because I have a photo with an emu on my profile but it’s not me in that video. I’ve copped heaps of abuse and messages from people saying, 'you’re dead'."

This was not the worst of the messages that he received. In one threatening message, one social media user threatened to rape his family with "a broken bottle" and "lay ya family out on the road". Another user sent him a warning by saying, "stay inside, close the blinds and lock all your doors... you're wanted now".

He said, "I can see where they’re coming from in thinking it’s me because we both have a mustache and I posed in a selfie with an emu but what’s in that video is disgusting. The way the guy is laughing and running them over … he’s dumb enough to have done that let alone post about it."

The stomach-churning footage has been viewed almost half a million times since being uploaded on Wednesday afternoon, according to Daily Mail. The maximum penalty for someone found guilty of killing native wildlife in New South Wales is $22,000 in fines and up to five years in prison.

Earlier this year, another video which was eerily similar to this one was doing the rounds online and showed a man in a vehicle chasing after emus and mowing them down. The video is thought to have been captured in Western Australia. The dashcam footage shows the vehicle pursuing emus as they try to run away. The car starts swerving just to be able to stay on the emus' tails and then mows down at least five of the flightless birds.