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Mentally ill man ties up disabled teen to a pole, cuts his genitals off and leaves him to bleed to death

Family members began to get worried in the evening when the teen did not come back home but he was only discovered the next morning by the milkman
UPDATED DEC 21, 2019
Getty Images
Getty Images

A mentally challenged boy in China was tied to a pole and he died of excessive bleeding to his lower body. The autopsy report showed that the boy, who was just 15, had gone missing close to 24 hours ago. The boy had his genitals brutally cut off. He was found the following morning.

Police in the area then arrested a 39-year-old man who had a history of mental illness. The man admitted to killing the boy almost immediately.

The incident made headlines in the region when a milkman saw a partially naked young man strapped to a pole on one of the streets in Zhouzhi county in Xi'an Province on the morning of April 4th.

The milkman told CNWest that the teenager was tied to a natural gas pipeline with his hands tied above his head. He also had his pants down and there was a large pool of blood on the street under him.

The Zhouzhi police have since revealed that 15-year-old Ren had a second-degree disability of serious intellectual mental disorder.

The boy's family told the reporter from the publication that he had gone out to see a play in the village the previous morning of April 3 but did not come back. They went out looking for him in the evening but couldn't find him.

The Huashang Post said that the post-mortem revealed that the boy had bruises on his back as well as bleeding in the nose and mouth. His genitals were also cut off, as was confirmed by the autopsy report.

CNWest heard from an on-duty government official that he had seen two men tying up a boy to a pole. The Xi'an Police and Zhouzhi Police worked together to track down the suspected men. They then arrested the man with the mental illness about 15 hours after the mutilated body of the boy was discovered.

The man admitted to killing the mentally challenged teen but the case is still being investigated.