Man impersonates cop and pulls gun on woman and children after she honked at him for blocking Walmart entrance

Man impersonates cop and pulls gun on woman and children after she honked at him for blocking Walmart entrance

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND: A man was arrested on Thursday, July 25,  for allegedly impersonating a police officer in a road rage incident.

According to reports, the man, identified as 57-year-old Gregory Sumter, allegedly pulled a gun on a woman and her children in a Walmart parking lot.

Detectives from the Baltimore County Police department were called to reports of a weapons incident at the site at around 7:20 pm, according to Newsweek.

The woman involved in the incident reportedly told police that an altercation broke out between her and Sumpter after she honked her car horn at him because his truck was blocking entry into the Walmart parking lot at Catonsville.  The woman then drove around the vehicle and got into the parking lot. However, Sumpter allegedly pulled out a silver badge and a handgun and threatened the victim and children.


After their altercation, an off-duty officer, who was working uniformed secondary employment at Walmart, arrived at the scene and spoke with Sumter, who denied the accusation. However, witnesses of the event confirmed the woman's version of events. 

Sumter was then apprehended and a Special Police State of Maryland badge and a loaded revolver were confiscated from him. 

 He has reportedly been charged with first-degree assault, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, carrying a loaded handgun in a vehicle, and impersonating a police officer after the incident, which occurred at the 6200 block of Baltimore National Pike in Catonsville on the evening of July 23.

Sumpter is currently being held at a Maryland cell without a bond. 

Meanwhile, during interogation, Sumpter told the authorities that he was a former special police officer and had not returned his batch when he retired.

A special police officer, in Maryland, is a type of security guard authorized to arrest people if they trespass on a property which they have been hired to protect. The officer is also authorized to control and direct traffic around the vicinity of the property they are guarding. 


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 Man impersonates police officer, draws gun on mother and children Walmart entrance