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'The Man in the High Castle' season 4 episode 3: Black Communist Rebellion attacks Japanese elite, Kido gets call from Yakuza

Childan is hosting an auction from Tokyo's elite that is going to be attended by the Rebellion's targets.

Major spoilers ahead for season 4 episode 3 of 'The Man in the High Castle' titled 'The Box'

After receiving a call from Jennifer (Genea Charpentier) in the previous episode, Helen (Chelah Horsdal) makes her way back to the Greater Nazi Reich (GNR) to protect her children. At this point, Helen doesn't trust Reichsmarshall John Smith (Rufus Sewell) with her daughter Jennifer and Amy (Gracyn Shinyei). She knows he is bound more strongly by the Reich and its laws, which are threatening to endanger the Smith family.

When she gets home, her daughters tell her that the new Führer Heinrich Himmler (Kenneth Tigar) will be visiting their house the next day along with his wife Margarethe Himmler (Gwynyth Walsh).

The thing about Margarethe is that for the wives of the most powerful men in the Reich, she holds a powerful position — you dare not displease her for she is capable of bringing havoc down on you.

But what ails Helen and John is not an external threat to their marriage — their relationship is crumbling from within.

In the last episode, Juliana (Alexa Davalos) discovers that she has been found in the Alt-America that she escaped to. In episode 3, she is staying cautious and manages to find a gun for her safety. At the same time, trying to find the meaning of the Hexagon 64 that the I Ching continues predicting. "What's not complete?" she keeps wondering, yet can't seem to find an answer.

After their meeting, Wyatt's (Jason O'Mara) Rebels join forces with the BCR to carry out the attack on Tokyo's elite. Childan (Brennan Brown) is hosting an auction from Tokyo's elite that is going to be attended by the Rebellion's targets: General Ryuu Masuda (Clint Jung), Minister Nagasaki (Larry Hoe), Minister Shimura (Takeshi Kurokawa), and Kido (Joel de la Fuente). The plan is to hurt the Japanese elite, the holders of power.

At the same time, however, Kido's (Joel de la Fuente) son Toru (Sen Mitsuji) has an episode triggered by his PTSD. Dressed in his uniform, sporting the medal that Kido had asked him to wear, Toru is sitting at a bar controlled by the Yakuza having missed the interview. Toru happens to hit one of the bouncers of the club with a bottle over his head killing him.

Kido gets this unexpected news just as he is about to leave for the auction. So you get it — the BCR and Wyatt's Rebels are waiting for Kido to show up, but he is now looking after his battered son.

Kido with his son Toru (Image: Amazon Prime Video)

Toru tells him that he cannot bear it anymore — bear all the noises, the screaming and the torture he inflicted on people. Kido tells him that he did all this for his country and that there is no reason to be ashamed. But Toru is not ashamed. As their conversation goes downhill, Kido practically throws Toru out of his house after he insulted Imperial Japan. There is nothing more important for Kido than his duty to his nation. "You are not my son," he tells him.

At the auction, the BCR manages to kill everyone, especially Masuda.

For the first time in her visions, Juliana sees John Smith pointing a gun at her and then shooting. After which calls for a meeting with Alt-John - hoping to talk to him. They talk about Thomas (Quinn Lord) too. Alt-John tells Juliana of his time in the army and why he doesn't wish Thomas to follow his footsteps too. "We did things there that I wouldn't be able to tell my wife or son about," he tells her.

But after they bid farewell, John Smith's assassin attempts to murder Juliana. But Alt-John comes to her rescue. In the tussle, the assassin kills Alt-John. This, according to Abendson (Stephen Root), clears the way for John to enter the Alt-America.

All 10 episodes of season 4 of 'The Man in the High Castle' is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.