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Man who broke his wife’s neck and torched her beyond recognition released early from prison

Yulia Loshagina was killed by Dmitry Loshagin after they fought in their loft penthouse in August 2013
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

A man who was found guilty of killing and setting his wife on fire has been given early release from jail. Photographer Dmitry Loshagin from Russia believed his model wife -- Yulia Loshagina -- had an affair with someone and she gave him HIV as he broke her neck before torching her beyond recognition, The Sun reported. According to a Yekaterinburg court, Dmitry won’t have to serve his full sentencing and he will be released three years early. The 44-year-old killer has been asked to live with his parents while following some restrictions.

But the court’s ruling has not been welcomed by the public as well as by the family of the 26-year-old victim. Reports said that state prosecutors are currently working to stop Dmitry’s early release. The felon murdered Yulia after they were seen fighting at a party in their $1,33,9070 million loft penthouse in August 2013. Two years later in 2015, the man was found guilty of the killing and was awarded ten years behind bars after judge Alexandra Evladova said he screamed at Yulia before breaking her neck. The woman’s body without clothes was discovered in the Ural mountains in Russia, Her face and hands were charred beyond recognition.

At the time of body's discovery, her husband said that he was not present during the identification process because he had to attend a “presentation” of his pictures. It has been said that the woman’s body was so badly damaged that she could only be identified by DNA. The first trial of the case acquitted Dmitry, but during the second trial, he was convicted, though he has never confessed to his crime.

Both trials found that Yulia was sexually assaulted an hour before she died. Some reports also stated that a professional assassin hired by her alleged lover murdered the woman. The alleged lover was reportedly an "elderly" state official whose name has not been released publicly. But detectives who worked on the case refuted the lover angel, though Dmitry even provided them with the name of the secret man. “They didn't pay attention. As an investigator told me: 'According to our statistics, as a rule, a husband kills. So, you'll be in jail’," he added.

Rita Grachyova, a campaigner for women’s rights, condemned the early release of Dmitry as she said he should be jailed for minimum of 20 years. “This person should serve a full term,” Grachyova - a survivor of domestic violence - added. State prosecutors in the Sverdlovsk region also criticized the court’s ruling. An official Marina Kanatova said, “The convicted man did not apologize to the victims’ relatives. He has not admitted his guilt, and, accordingly, there is no reason to believe that he will not commit the crime again in the future.” While Yulia’s mother Svetlana Ryabova stated, “I was shocked” (about the court decision to free him). A nine year sentence for a brutal murder is way too short.” “In our opinion, the decision is illegal. Dmitry Loshagin did not admit his guilt nor repent,” her lawyer Sergey Zhorin added.