56-year-old Detroit man in critical condition after being brutally mauled by three pit bulls 'notorious for breaking their chains'

56-year-old Detroit man in critical condition after being brutally mauled by three pit bulls 'notorious for breaking their chains'

Law enforcement in Detroit revealed that a 56-year-old man had to be rushed to a hospital after being brutally mauled by three pit bulls Monday.

The victim, whose identity is yet to be released, was attacked just after midnight on July 15 in Detroit, People reports.

The incident occurred on Warwick just off Schoolcraft, according to WXYZ.

Police said there's a home in the vicinity with several dog houses outside, surrounded by chains and multiple "Beware of Dog" signs. However, there is no fence around the yard.

“He got mauled,” Detroit Police spokeswoman Margaret Carroll told People. “He suffered bite wounds from these three dogs and was transported privately to the hospital.”

Carroll informed that, as of Monday afternoon, the man's condition was upgraded from serious to temporary serious.


According to her, the circumstances behind the attack are still unclear.

“Our officers had not been able to speak to the victim to find out what happened,” she says.

Police said the man was attacked in the shoulder by the three mongrels and said the dogs' owner was present at the scene during the attack.

“It’s scary,” neighbor Carmen Warren told WXYZ of the freak attack. “I don’t walk around here. I do see loose dogs but not too many.”

In a conversation with 7 Action News, another neighbor voiced concerns saying the pit bulls who lived nearby were often aggressive and notorious for breaking their chains.

“I tell my kids not to walk around too much here. They like to walk to the gas station a lot and I tell them to be careful," Warren said.

The police spokeswoman also revealed that a citation has been issued to the owner of the dogs, and that all of them have been removed from his home and are currently under the care of Detroit’s Animal Care and Control.


A spokesperson for the city of Detroit said that Animal Care and Control is currently assessing the dogs.

They said the DACC intends to "impound the animals to assess them during a mandatory quarantine hold".

"During this time, we will continue the investigation and determine whether the dogs present danger to others," the spokesperson added.

The investigation continues.

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 Man critical condition mauled three aggressive pit bulls notorious breaking their chains