Man who hired cousin to kill his unborn child by pouring detergent down pregnant teen's throat jailed for 11 years: 'He did not want to be a father'

Man who hired cousin to kill his unborn child by pouring detergent down pregnant teen's throat jailed for 11 years: 'He did not want to be a father'

A 22-year-old expectant father, who reportedly asked his cousin to try and kill his unborn child by pouring detergent down a pregnant 17-year-old's throat, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

The man, identified as Harief Pearson, reportedly enlisted his 22-year-old cousin, Kydie McKenna, and a 16-year-old — who can not be named — to help trigger a miscarriage because he "did not want to be a father." 

The victim was reportedly held hostage at Pearson's home for hours in Harlesden, northwest London on December 12, 2018. 

Harrow Crown Court on Monday heard that Pearson had searched "how to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy at one month" and "what time is easiest to lose a baby" on his phone before the attack. 

Prosecutor James Thacker, during the hearing, said: "In December 2018 the complainant discovered she was pregnant and telephoned the father to break the news however he told her "you know what to do, I am not ready to have a kid."

"She told him she wanted to keep the baby and wanted him to be part of their lives. Mr Pearson told her he would get someone to kidnap her. He later said he would give £10,000 to anyone who put out a hit on the complainant if she went to the police," Thacker added.


Reports state that the victim visited Pearson's home on the day before the attack, and stayed there overnight. She then discovered that Pearson was now in a relationship with the 16-year-old, who was 15 at the time, the Daily Mail reported.

"Mr Pearson told her she could not leave. He snatched her phone from her hand," the prosecutor said. "Approximately five minutes later Miss McKenna arrived at the house. She entered wearing a balaclava and placed the complainant in a chokehold, trying to pull her to the floor."

The prosecutor added that McKenna told the victim "dunno why you thought you could have his baby" as she tackled her to the ground with the help of the 15-year-old. The duo reportedly punched, kicked, and stamped on the pregnant girl, hitting her in the stomach, back and chest, causing blood to splatter over the walls in the process.


The 15-year-old ripped off one of the victim's nails "without hesitation" and McKenna poured alcohol over the victim's bloodied face, the court heard. 

"The prosecution say she deliberately put on her trainers before stamping on the victim's belly, back and chest," Thacker told the court. "The 15-year-old told the complainant 'we'll get rid of it'. McKenna was pulling her hair as the 15-year-old repeatedly kicked her in the stomach."

When the victim asked for water, the 15-year-old poured liquid laundry detergent down her throat. Reports state that after the victim was beaten for nearly 20 minutes, Pearson told the other two, "I don't think it's dead yet, continue," and left the room.

The unborn child, however, survived the attack and the victim is expected to give birth the next month.

"Some violence was gratuitous, such as the ripping off the thumbnail," Thacker said. "We say it was good fortune that the foetus survived. This was nothing other than a sustained and vicious assault. Their intent was to cause an abortion."


A 999 phone call made by McKenna was also played in court, where she told the emergency operator that she had found the victim on the street. She also lied to the operator saying she did not have a mobile phone, despite CCTV footage showing she was carrying one in her hand at the time.

"I know this is something I will not be able to forget," the victim read her statement in court. "It will be something I will remember for the rest of my life. My life has been affected in many ways. I had a similar circle of friends as Pearson but I have cut off everyone because I don't know who to trust. They have pleaded guilty to an intention to do really serious harm and abort a child."

Authorities eventually arrested the 15-year-old and Pearson at his home on December 15, while McKenna was arrested at her home address on January 14, 2019. Pearson, on Monday, was awarded a prison sentence for 11 years, and McKenna was sentenced to ten years.

The minor, who is now heavily pregnant, has received four years long term detention. 


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