Chicago man confesses to selling a 16-year-old girl to a pimp for $250 just days before she was murdered

Chicago man confesses to selling a 16-year-old girl to a pimp for $250 just days before she was murdered
Antonio Rosales has been charged with Robinson's murder (Cook County Sheriff's Office)

A man in Chicago has been convicted for being connected to the death of a teenager whom he delivered to a pimp for a $250 "finder's fee" in 2016. 26-year-old Charles McFee admitted on April 3 that he took 16-year-old Desiree Robinson to Joseph Hazley, a pimp he knew, in December 2016. He did this in exchange for a small amount of money.

Christopher Graul, McFee's attorney, told CBS Chicago: "He felt badly about this. No one wants to pick up a 16-year-old girl and have her killed." Robinson's corpse was later discovered in a garage in Markham on Christmas Eve 2016 with her body beaten badly and her throat slit open.

Antonio Rosales was charged with the murder of Robinson in a state court. McFee took the teen to Hazley who then proceeded to sell her to the alleged killer, Rosales, using a page.

Hazley is reported to have been living in a car with his girlfriend when Robinson was murdered. Charges are still pending for the pimp but it has been reported that McFee is going to testify against Hazley so that his own sentences will have a third of it removed. If he testifies against the pimp, he will get only 6 to 8 years in prison.


McFee started crying in court on Aril 3 and had to go outside during the recess to collect his thoughts.

His lawyer said that he was "very upset through this whole process" and that even though McFee had no criminal record, he had "somehow got involved in something that got out of hand." McFee claimed, after that, that he never got the compensation that he was promised. Hazley allegedly complained that Robinson would not bring in "as much money as he hoped". He is also reported to have said that the teen's clothing, hair, and makeup were all expensive.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Graul said of his client: "He's not saying, 'Feel sorry for me'. He feels sorry for the family. He feels sorry for the girl."

Robinson is reported to have run away from her grandparent's house in November 2016 and she was said to have stayed with Hazley who apparently named her "Nicki". According to her, she was said to have offered "companionship" and was supposed to go on several "dates" a day. Hazley was the one who acted as her security guard and he also drove her to all her appointments.


Federal investigators found out that McFee had taken Robinson to Hazley on December 1, 2016. On the same day, she is said to have sent him a message on Facebook saying: "I am joining his team."

McFee is alleged to have responded: "Just don’t forget who yo daddy is n change up on me or start acting funny toward me cuz u joining his team don’t mean you nun u still mine don’t every forget that we n this together right baby girl."

Later on, he is said to have messaged another woman on the social media platform saying: "They be trying to low ball her that why he can't pay me." McFee then followed that message with a "Did you hear?" when Robinson was found murdered.

The woman responded: "Yes I did she f*****g 16 dude the hell u bring him a 16 year old for the f**k." She then added: "How stupid can u be."

McFee replied to this saying: "I didn't even kno she lie about her age." 


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