Shocking video footage of man savagely attacking wife in elevator sparks outrage

Security cameras installed in an apartment elevator captured a man hitting and kicking his wife. She was later seen in another video falling from her balcony to her death.

                            Shocking video footage of man savagely attacking wife in elevator sparks outrage
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A video showing a Brazilian man beating up his wife in a very brutal manner and then proceeding to drag her body back to their apartment has sparked an outrage about the scary levels of violence and domestic abuse in the South American country. 

The footage was caught by the security cameras that were installed in the apartment elevator and basement. It clearly shows the man Luís Felipe Manvailer hitting and also kicking his wife of five years Tatiane Spitzner in their apartment building. The three-minute long video was recorded on July 22 and then publicly broadcasted on a Brazilian TV program called Fantástico, as reported by The New York Times

In the security footage, Manvailer is seen physically assaulting his wife in the car, in the parking garage and in the basement before chasing her into an elevator. In the elevator, the couple is seen struggling as the wife tries to escape her husband's vicious clutches. She first tries to close the elevator doors after her but he gets in and pushes her to a corner. She then tries to get off on another floor but then she is dragged back into the elevator by her husband. He then shoves Spitzner into the wall before the pair exits the elevator to their fifth-floor apartment. 

The video then cuts to the security camera outside the building, where Spitzner is seen falling to her death. Manvailer is then caught on camera, dragging his wife's lifeless body back into the couple's apartment. While Manvailer is in the elevator, he looks at himself in the mirror and proceeds to wipe his wife's blood off his face. He later returns to the elevator to wipe the blood off the floor and walls. 

It is reported that the violent man was apprehended by the cops and is being investigated for the murder of his wife. However, he flatly denies that he killed her and told the police that his wife jumped off the balcony. 

According to a 2017 survey, a third of Brazilian women have reported experiencing some form of domestic violence. Brazil director for Human Rights Watch Maria Laura Canineu shared, "The video just reflects the levels of violence we have been documenting. What Brazil has to learn is that most of these cases are preventable. It is very rare that a murder is the first case of violence". 

"It’s sad, but maybe something this brutal will wake people up to the reality of domestic abuse. Maybe it will mobilize them," Canineu added.