15-year-old boy's video of him drop-kicking cat after pretending to stroke it lands him in custody

The boy has been booked under Animal Welfare Act, 2006, and is currently under police custody following the video going viral online.

                            15-year-old boy's video of him drop-kicking cat after pretending to stroke it lands him in custody

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of an offense under Animal Welfare Act, 2006, after a video emerged of him drop-kicking a cat. The video, as reported by Metro, went viral after it was shared by the Twitter handle Protect_Wildlife. The incidence occurred in Portsmouth, U.K., and the Portsmouth police later tweeted that they were aware of the video and had the teen in custody.


The video in question shows the boy coaxing the cat to come nearer. The cat, seemingly trusting him moves closer to him at which time he scratches the cat's ears before kicking it cruelly. The cat can be seen flying in the air upon the kick and then landing a few feet away, visibly shaken. The video has been viewed over 3.6 million times and was shared over 25,000 times in order to identify the culprit.

He was seen scratching the cat before kicking it (Image Credits: @Protect_Wildlife)

The video tweeted by Protect_Wildlife was captioned 'Let's find this oxygen thief!!!!' The video, further, has someone laughing hysterically in the background, adding to the brutal nature of the act. It also reveals that they were purposely doing this and had planned the entire act. The Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals also got involved requesting people to come ahead and provide more information on the matter.

While the video in itself was horrible, people spoke out in large numbers both condemning the act and requesting others to help identify the perpetrators. Author Duncan Bannatyne tweeted "I will pay a reward of £5,000 to whoever correctly names this piece of s**t."  Clearly, people went out of their way to express their absolute disgust with the act and were not willing to let it die down.

WWE star Drew McIntyre weighed in on the matter as well, tweeting "I can’t put into words how much this clip infuriates me. I’d say I wish I didn’t see it but that’s not going to get this helpless trusting cat any justice. Please do whatever you can to find the real animal in this video & get the punishment he’s got coming to him"

Gemma Atkinson tweeted, "What an absolute Prick!!!! Sincerely hope him and his little video mate are found and have the same done to them. In fact, I’d happily pay to do it to them myself!" Twitter was filled with people decrying the act but the police acted swiftly as well and the person is currently placed in custody and will be charged for his actions.

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