Arizona man beheads his roommate's dog while she was moving out because she 'owed him rent'

Arizona man beheads his roommate's dog while she was moving out because she 'owed him rent'

A man from Arizona has been arrested for beheading his roommate's dog as she owed him rent money and was moving out. Reports state that 21-year-old Jose Vega Meza smiled as his roommate opened a cardboard box he had snuck inside her moving truck and was horrified when she discovered her pet's mutilated body inside it.

Meza was arrested on Sunday for the brutality and was booked into Fourth Avenue Jail on suspicion of two counts of animal cruelty and one count of misdemeanor assault for an alleged attack on another inmate, according to CBS5.

Meza's roommate reported him to police after the horrific discovery, saying that she had lost track of her dog as she was moving her belongings out of his house in Buckeye where they lived together.

The woman and her friends reportedly noted Meza attempting to sneak in a small box onto the truck when they were moving on Saturday. When she asked him what was inside the box, he just smiled at her. When she opened the box, she found the mangled body of her headless dog.


Reports state that the roommate was so distraught over the death of her dog that she waited until Sunday to contact authorities. When officers contacted Meza over the allegation, he knew exactly why he was being arrested and admitted to killing the dog. He told the officers that the woman had owed him and his mother rent money and was moving out without settling it.

"I know what I did wasn't right," Meza said, according to the police report. He reportedly said that he wrapped the dog's neck in a string and then cut it open with a razor blade. When the officers asked what did he so with the dog's head, he refused to tell them, and instead admitted to torturing and killing the canine in anger.

A neighbor said that she saw a woman coming out of the Buckeye home distraught last week.

"The other day there was a girl walking out of that house, she was crying and screaming saying he did something," she said. "She had like 4 to 5 people outside trying to calm her down and she couldn't calm down." The neighbor also added that she had a cat who disappeared in the area, suggesting that Meza could have killed her too.


"I had a cat, she was black and white, and she used to go around everywhere - you know, across the street, over there, over there - so it could've been her too. He could've taken her into his yard and killed her," she said.

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