Man who beheaded 17-year-old ex-girlfriend was convinced she wanted to bring down his idol Donald Trump

Man who beheaded 17-year-old ex-girlfriend was convinced she wanted to bring down his idol Donald Trump
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A 23-year-old man was charged on Wednesday, May 13, for allegedly murdering his ex-girlfriend Wilma Andersson, six months after she disappeared from Walkesborg in Uddevalla.

Police charged Tishko Ahmed Shabaz after they found 17-year-old Andersson's head in his apartment. Shabaz had dismembered Andersson's body.

Shabaz reportedly believed that Andersson was 'Satan' and an enemy of his idol Donald Trump.


Andersson reportedly went missing on November 14, 2019. A fortnight later, police found a 'body part', which turned out to be Andersson’s head. The indictment stated that the teenager was decapitated by Shabaz when she returned to his flat to collect her belongings after she broke up with him. He had wrapped her head in an aluminum foil and hid it at his home. However, the rest of Andersson's body is yet to be found. Court papers claim Wilma died on November 14, the day she went missing.


According to local media reports, a huge search operation was launched last year for Andersson after she went missing from Uddevalla, three days after she was last seen. The operation stopped on November 28, 2019, when the officials found her head wrapped in aluminum foil and tape and kept in a suitcase at her ex-boyfriend’s place. Investigators also found a stuffed animal in the suitcase.


Shabaz is said to have idolized Trump and wanted to travel to the US to help his re-election campaign. 
However, he was not allowed to travel as he did not have the required entry documents, according to reports. 

Soon after the discovery, a murder investigation was launched and Shabaz was arrested. He has been in custody ever since. The technical investigation at the time showed 14 impressions of him on the discovery. Police also said that they found blood on Shabaz's apartment floor and "traces of Wilma" on a large kitchen knife. An anonymous police chief said, "The suspect has retained a body part for an unknown reason and got rid of the rest of the body." Prosecutors claimed that Andersson was subjected to “repeated violence” during her death.

However, Shabaz, who claims to have been born in Iraq before getting a Swedish citizenship in 2014, has denied any wrongdoing. He claims that Andersson left his apartment alive. "You forget that this is a girl that I have loved and that I have lived my life perfectly," he told investigators. However, police investigation showed a different story where they found Andersson's coat and handbag in his wardrobe. The man’s neighbors also claimed that they heard screaming from his flat.

Meanwhile, Andersson’s mother Linda has released an emotional plea urging people to continue their search and help her find the rest of her daughter's body. "We want to find our daughter and sister. It is completely inhumane that we go through (this) so please do not stop looking for Wilma. I hope people are observant if they see something aberrant in water or terrain. That people have their eyes open (sic)," the mother told local media.

Shabaz’s trial is scheduled to start on May 26.

In a similar case, a woman in the UK beheaded her mother and placed the head in a carrier bag before kissing it. A court heard in March that 36-year-old Odessa Carey killed her 73-year-old mother of the same name, but she is too unwell to go on trial. The old woman’s headless body was found lying on her bed at her home in Ashington, Northumberland, in April 2019. Carey was arrested at another address in Guide Post where police found the head in a bag under the sink.


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