Man arrested after breaking-in to Rihanna's Hollywood home claims he just "wanted to have sex with the singer"

The 26-year-old man named Eduardo Leon was arrested on Thursday morning after having spent the night at the singer's home

                            Man arrested after breaking-in to Rihanna's Hollywood home claims he just "wanted to have sex with the singer"
Rihanna (Source: Getty Images)

Rihanna happens to be yet another celebrity who was the victim of someone breaking into her house. According to TMZ, a 26-year-old man named Eduardo Leon was arrested on Thursday morning after he allegedly broke into the singer's Hollywood Hills home. 

The law enforcement told the website that cops were sent to check Rihanna's house on Thursday (May 10) morning after they got a call about a potential intruder. At the same time, cops started having their own doubts when they realized that her alarm had been tampered with. 

After arriving at her house, the cops came across a man who had reportedly spent the night at Rihanna's home. The website reports that the man was then asked by the police to come outside and even though he did, he had to be tased while being detained. The reason for the man to being tased is unclear. 

It has been reported that Eduardo told the cops that he "was there to have sex with the singer, adding his plan was not to use force to make it happen." Luckily, Rihanna was not at home when this happened. This is not the first time that Eduardo has done something like this. 

The website reports that back in May Eduardo broke into yet another house thinking it was Rihanna's. It is then that he was arrested for stalking. At the same time, he was also booked for residential burglary and trespassing. But it seems like his obsession with Rihanna is a bit more than people had seen and despite the previous arrests he decided to go forward with his plan of breaking into her house. 

He is being held in a $150,000 bail. This is not the first time that Rihanna had to face a stalker. Back in 2016, police investigated a man after he sent death threats to Rihanna and even took a selfie outside her house. A search warrant at that time showed that the man had also sent the singer a 15-minute video. 

The cops were called to Rihanna's house after they saw the selfie which had the caption, "Outside yo house'. However, by the time the police arrived the man had already disappeared. At the same time, he also tweeted a death threat which read, "Should of killed @rihanna a minute back I would be good right now.' 

Along with this, it was found that he posted about buying guns in a series of tweets. Back in 2014, Rihanna faced yet another stalker named Kevin Mcglynn. Kevin was arrested for delivering hand-written notes calling her a 'b****' to her SoHo apartment. He also sent four letters to her LA apartment. Kevin was later sent to a psychiatric hospital as the judge compared his behavior to that of the man who shot John Lennon and calling him 'a tragedy waiting to happen.'

Meanwhile, in 2013, there were two separate attempts that had been made to break-in to her home in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades. The same year, Rihanna's security caught a man trying to climb the wall around her estate. There is no doubt that being a celebrity is hard and incidents like these are just a tiny proof of that.