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Man kills mother, extracts and fries her brains in a pan because she refused to give him money to buy alcohol

Sitaram Oraon, 32, was caught red-handed in the act of frying her mother's brain; he was arrested and booked under numerous sections of the Indian Penal Code in connection to the incident.
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(Getty Images)

An alcoholic man has been accused of killing his mother with an axe and then frying her brain in a pan because she did not give him money to buy liquor. Sitaram Oraon, 32, from Botalda village in the state of Chattisgarh, India, was addicted to alcohol, according to India Today, and killed his 50-year-old mother Phulo Bai over a petty argument over money that wanted to go drinking.

Oraon used to regularly ask his mother for money, but on this occasion, was denied. Tired of her son's addiction, Phulo Bai told him she would not fuel his debilitating habit any longer.

Incensed, Oraon picked up an axe and struck his mother, killing her instantly. But he was not satisfied with just killing her. The 32-year-old allegedly proceeded to crack open her skull, removed her brain, and placed it on a pan to fry so he could eat it.

As he was getting on with the gruesome act, his younger brother's wife reached their home and caught him red-handed. Oraon fled the scene and quickly became the subject of a manhunt after his sister-in-law informed his younger brother about Phulo Bai's death and a report regarding the murder was filed with the police.

Oraon's younger brother said that whenever he had tried to convince him to stop drinking, he would start a fight. Fed up with the fights, he moved out of the house, leaving Oraon to live with their mother. Local media outlets reported that 32-year-old would often come home drunk and beat Phulo Bai. Deputies eventually tracked him down in the same locality and found him still wearing the blood-stained clothes he had on him when he killed his mother. 

When interrogated by the police, Oraon confessed to killing his mother for refusing to give him money to buy alcohol. Authorities subsequently filed a case against the 32-year-old under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. They also revealed that he was mentally unstable. 

This was not the first such incident in the country either. In July, a man was similarly accused of killing his mother by striking her in the neck with an axe after she refused to give him money for alcohol in Odisha. On that occasion, police arrested 32-year-old Prakash Pradhan and charged him with murder.