Man goes to take a photo of his girlfriend on the beach, stops, looks around, then takes the most IRONIC pic ever!

North Yorkshire resident Lewis Gudger was with his girlfriend Cesca at the world-famous Maya Beach in Thailand when he took the picture

                            Man goes to take a photo of his girlfriend on the beach, stops, looks around, then takes the most IRONIC pic ever!
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Whenever you open up Instagram odds are that you will see images of beautiful women in exotic locations looking like they are in the middle of the most candid moment in their lives. These pictures all have a woman either relaxing on the beach, eating something fancy, standing against a wall with incredible patterns or wearing a dress that seems like no one can afford. The pictures look so perfect and professional that they gain likes on Instagram that most other images can't and this is why they are popular. The people behind these stunning images are normally the boyfriends or husbands waiting patiently for their significant others to ready themselves and make themselves look fabulous for the impromptu shoots. 

These terrific men have been affectionately known as "Instagram husbands", which is a term that was first used by television presenter Jeff Houghton in 2016. Because of the popularity of the image sharing site, bloggers aren't the only ones who have "Instagram husbands". They can now be seen everywhere and this holds true especially for popular tourist destinations. 27-year-old Lewis Gudger found this to be the case when he went on a holiday to Maya Beach in Thailand 18-months-ago from his hometown of North Yorkshire, reported UNILAD.

Gudger was traveling with his girlfriend of five years, Cesca, and they went to the world-famous beach which has only recently been closed to the tourists for the first time. The pair knew that the beach would be "packed full of tourists" and so they still had to visit it and take some nice pictures for their social media pages. While he was in the middle of taking a picture of Cesca, however, he began to notice that there were other couples on the same beach doing the exact same thing and he found that fascinating.

The young man said that he realized he needed to turn his camera away from his girlfriend and click a picture of what was going on at the scene and the result was quite simply fantastic. He said, "We watched the people fight for space to lie down on the sand and also trying their hardest to get a photo with no one else in it. We just happened to see these three couples from where we were stood and had to take a photo because we found it so funny. It was almost unbelievable. I snapped the photo before all the masses arrived with countless selfie sticks, it wouldn’t have been possible to get this pic when it was as busy as it got!"

Recently when Gudger was discussing the "Instagram husband" phenomenon with his colleague, it dawned on him how perfectly the picture he had taken in Thailand eighteen months ago suited it. He shared it on Reddit and it went viral almost overnight. The post has now garnered 130,000 upvotes and has 5.7k comments.

Gudger said, "I’m not the type of person to post a lot and don’t usually get much online attention so when I uploaded it and after two hours it had 15,000 upvotes and made it to the top of the global front page, I couldn’t believe it! It’s odd how a photo I posted showing the ridiculousness of Instagram likes forming part of society these days turned into me checking my phone every 30 seconds and refreshing to see how many more upvotes I had was a very confusing situation. It was almost ironic. It really made me realize how easy it can be to get obsessed with likes, view and comments." 

The amazing reaction that he received on his Reddit post made the young man think more about why the 'Instagram husband' is such a popular trend on social media. He concluded, "Everyone wants the perfect shot for a profile picture or Instagram post to get as many likes as possible, it’s hard not to use attention as a form a validation and approval when it comes to social media, it’s the only quantifiable way to measure creative things like art and photography. And to get the perfect shot, you need someone to help and lay in the sand and spend twenty minutes getting just the right angle where your hair looks nice — hence the 'Instagram husband' title."

Gudger has, however, admitted that he is much better at taking pictures of "landscapes and scenery than people" which means that he "was never good enough to be an Instagram husband".