New York man rapes mentally disabled woman on road and leaves her lying unconscious in blood and feces

New York man rapes mentally disabled woman on road and leaves her lying unconscious in blood and feces
Frankie Harris (NYPD)

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: A 38-year-old man has confessed to raping a 64-year-old mentally disabled woman, before choking her unconscious and leaving her in her own blood and feces.

Frankie Harris of Bushwick is facing attempted murder, rape, strangulation, and sex abuse charges after being apprehended on May 23 for the alleged sexual assault that took place on the night of May 18 in East Harlem. The suspect admitted to attacking the victim at 11.30 pm just steps from her home on E. 111th Street, near Second Avenue.

The accused was caught on the surveillance cameras riding a Citi Bike past the victim when he decided to stop and park his bike between two cars. He was then seen engaging in a short conversation with the woman before grabbing her from behind and putting her in a chokehold. NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said that "he held her in a headlock" and threw her onto the ground before the sexual assault. 

Following the attack, the assailant was seen leaving the woman facedown in her own blood and feces, washing his hands with a bottle of soap he was carrying before riding off.  “He put some palm oil soap on his hands and washed his hands down and then jumped on his bike like nothing happened, pedaling east on 111 Street," Harrison said.

Frankie Harris (NYPD)

Initially, the police asked for the public’s help in solving the case by releasing screenshots of the CCTV footage containing the suspect's image. “He’s got like a white scarf on top of his head,” the chief noted of the suspect, “along with a dark jacket and dark jeans.” Although it is not confirmed the police believe that the suspect is mentally disabled and a K2 smoker, a habit that made him a frequent visitor in the East Harlem neighborhood.

Harris also has a history of being arrested for various non-violent offenses, including turnstile jumping, according to police sources. The NYPD had offered a reward of $10,000 reward for information leading to Harris' arrest. He was apprehended through a tip.

The victim was in a medically induced coma, and hence, the police were unable to interrogate her. “Our victim is a local person; she’s well respected in the community,” Harrison said. 

"Great investigative work done by 23 Squad, Manhattan North Homicide, and Manhattan Special Victims for apprehending and arresting Frankie Harris. Harris has been charged with Attempted Murder and Rape for the vicious attack and sexual assault on a 64-year-old woman in #eastharlem," Harrison tweeted, praising his team for nabbing the suspect.

Back in March,  a 14-year-old girl from Fulton County middle school with physical and mental disabilities was abused by a fellow special needs middle school student on the daily bus ride for two weeks while the driver did not do anything until the day she was raped, according to a lawsuit claim. Identified only as Jane Doe, it was alleged that between April 4 and 20 of 2019, she was groped and molested by another student who left his seat on the specialized school bus to sit next to her. During those 17 dreadful days, there were at least 10 instances of abuse.

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