'Mama June: Family Crisis' Season 4: Jennifer cannot replace June as Alana's mother, say fans

What ticked fans off the most was Jennifer criticizing Alana for wanting to audition for the LA Fashion Fest

                            'Mama June: Family Crisis' Season 4: Jennifer cannot replace June as Alana's mother, say fans
Jennifer (WeTv)

'Mama June: Family Crisis' Season 4 returned on Friday night, but Mama June Shannon herself was nowhere to be found. However, she has managed to create a lot of drama despite not being present.

'Mama June: Family Crisis' Season 4 premiered recently and we witnessed how the family is trying to cope up with Mama June's drug addiction, her abusive relationship with boyfriend Geno and her arrest for the possession for drugs. 

With Mama June on the run, her eldest daughter Pumpkin and husband Joshua have taken temporary custody of Alana, her younger sister. While they expect things to go smoothly, Sugarbear (Alana's father) and his wife Jennifer are trying to take Alana away from Pumpkin claiming they are looking out for her. 

Last week we saw Pumpkin, her young daughter Ella and Alana make their way to California. They are visiting Gina's (manager) house in LA for a few weeks. During their time there, Gina also promises Alana a few gigs. But what they didn't expect is to see Jennifer and Sugarbear turn up at Gina's house in LA. 

Kicking right where they left off, on Friday night, we saw Sugarbear and Jennifer reveal that they plan on getting the temporary custody removed so they can take Alana. However, it doesn't look like they have the right intentions. By the look of Jennifer's obsession with Mama June, fans claim that she just wants to one-up Mama June, and doesn't really care for Alana. 

What ticked fans off the most was Jennifer criticizing Alana for her wanting to audition for the LA Fashion Fest. She even body-shamed Alana affirming she doesn't have the body of a model. 

Her bad attitude is what fans hate. Though Jennifer tries to be polite with Alana at times, she's just totally opposite with Pumpkin.

Taking to Twitter after today's episode, fans affirmed that Jennifer has a bad attitude, and cannot replace Mama June as Alana's mother no matter what she does. 

"Jennifer needs to STFU! It is NOT her place to have ANY say in Alana’s business. #MamaJune," a fan wrote. Another fan shared, "Jennifer is a dumb bi*ch. You aren't Alana's mama. #MamaJune." 

"Why is Jennifer asking anything about Alana? Alana isn’t her child. Jennifer needs to focus on those tree trunks she calls legs and the fact that she looks inflated and leave Pumpkin and Alana tf alone. #MamaJune #FromNotToHot," a fan shared. 

"Jennifer needs to be slapped in the face! We have all seen her overgrown son. Who looks like he never bathes, still lives with his mommy and shows the IQ of a 3-year-old! Jennifer, you couldn't raise a dog. Get in your lane & STFU! #MamaJune," a fan said.

"#MamaJune Jennifer with her big ass talk too much, she never heard of plus-size models, sugar bear need to put her n her place b4 pumpkin kick her ass, she so jealous of mama June," wrote another fan. 

"Damn, Jennifer, there are plus-size models! Why not encourage Alana and boost her self esteem. You're certainly not the paragon of beauty. #MamaJune," a fan shared. While another wrote, "Neither Sugarbear or Jennifer care about being a full-time parent to Alana. Jennifer just wants to one-up June. #MamaJune." 

"Jennifer said Alana ain't never had parenting figures in her life. She acknowledged sugar bear ain't shit but June did use to be a good mom #mamajune," a fan shared. 

'Mama June: Family Crisis' Season 4 airs every Friday night only on WeTv. Check your local listings for more information.

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