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'Mama June: Family Crisis' Season 4: Jennifer slammed for enrolling Harper in same pageant as Pumpkin's daughter

Jennifer crossed her limits when she enrolled her granddaughter Harper in the same beauty pageant in which Pumpkin's daughter Ella was supposed to participate
Jennifer (WeTv)
Jennifer (WeTv)

Jennifer has been constantly targeting Alana aka Honey Boo Boo and trying hard to get custody of her from Pumpkin on 'Mama June: Family Crisis' Season 4. But this week she crossed her boundaries and by enrolling her granddaughter in the same pageant that Pumpkin's 2-year-old Ella was going to take part in, and fans are slamming Jennifer for her behavior. 

'Mama June: Family Crisis' Season 4 returned on Friday night, May 15, for an all-new episode, and the drama with finding Mama June continued. But this week, things took a dangerous turn after Mama June had taken money from "wrong people", and hadn't paid them back. 

Just prior to a call from Mama June herself, Pumpkin found a suspicious-looking car outside her apartment but didn't pay much heed to it, but that's until she got that call from Mama June. She revealed that Pumpkin and Alana might be in danger, and people might be coming after the two. This made Pumpkin nervous and she decided to tell her husband Josh about it. Pumpkin, Josh, Alana, and little Ella immediately left for a hotel so they would be safer. 

During a lunch date with Doe Doe, Big Mike said that Mama June is in trouble. "I just heard through the grapevine that she owes the wrong people a lot of f**king money. Back in the day, I ran with the wrong crowd and the wrong people. The same people that, the matter of fact, June and them mess with. I know some of these guys they’re fuc*ing with and they’re gonna get them. I’m telling you, you best pay up," he said.  

While the family tried moving away from the drama, Pumpkin enrolled Ella in a beauty pageant but had no idea about Jennifer's plan. Jennifer has always clearly been jealous of Mama June and her family. Especially since Pumpkin took custody of Alana, she has always tried to mess around with them. 

But this week she took it to a whole other level by entering her granddaughter Harper in the same pageant that Ella was enrolled in. But sadly, Harper didn't perform as well as Ella. Taking to Twitter, fans slammed Jennifer for being petty and bringing her granddaughter into this mess. 

"The whole Jennifer part is so petty I'd bet money its scripted. #MamaJune," a fan wrote. While another said, "Jennifer is the epitome of the Wicked Stepmother! I don't hate people often but she's a c*@t! She is so jealous of June & Pumpkin that she makes everything a competition! She's an ugly human being & I'd run away if she got custody of me & tell her how much I hate her! #MamaJune." 

"Wow Jennifer really!!!! Not only is it embarrassing to compare yourself with #MamaJune but you go so low to teach a toddler to compare herself to another toddler. #lowestofthelow," a fan shared. Adding to that another said, "Jennifer just a evil miserable bitch talking trash about a 2yr old bcuz she hates the mom. #MamaJune." 

"#MamaJune Jennifer, children are off limits you half breed sow. You think you EVER looked better than June?? You need mirrors. How can she allow her granddaughter to be around a sexual deviant?" 

'Mama June: Family Crisis' Season 4 airs every Friday night only on WeTv. Check your local listings for more information.