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'Mama June': June lies about drug addiction leaving production unit in shock, says she doesn't give a 'f**k'

'Be honest, June. You lost your whole show, man. We filmed this entire season without you because of it all,' a unit member shared
Mama June (Getty Images)
Mama June (Getty Images)

'Mama June: Family Crisis' has never been an easy show to watch. It deals with drug abuse, scattered families and criminal charges. A lot to take in. But things have begun to settle now that June Edith "Mama June" Shannon has come around and is finally ready to make amends. She is weak and crying, hoping her daughter Lauryn Michelle
"Pumpkin" Efird will forgive her for not being there for her and the rest of the family, for selling off their family home without so much as a text message and for putting boyfriend Geno Doak and drugs before her own.

Pumpkin takes the high road, she says she will forgive June given she takes a drug test. On failing it, Pumpkin takes June to Georgia Addiction Treatment Centre. Even though June assured she has been clean for three months now, Pumpkin wants to be sure all the way. She thought rehab would be the best way out for June. However, when she sat down with one of the officials to narrate her history with substance abuse and how it has impacted the varied aspects of her life, she lies. When asked if drugs ever impacted her work life, she denies it, leaving the production unit in shock. 


"Be honest, June. You lost your whole show, man. We filmed this entire season without you because of it all. Be honest, it's what we're here for," one of the members said but June replied that she doesn't give a "f**k" about it. Meanwhile, fans think she has been "brainwashed". "She's so damn brainwashed it's crazy. The family can only hope that Geno really messes up and gets sent away so June can learn how to be independent again. She's wrapped around his little finger," a fan commented.

"I want June to leave Geno ass ALONE!! She has problems with her kids due to the choices she has made to satisfy a man that abusing her mentally and financially😔Ima pray for her strength," another shared. Let's hope June is able to see through Geno and his selfish motives behind staying with her. Watch 'Mama June: Family Crisis' finale on We TV on June 26.