Mama June is 'a new woman' after fixing triple chin and teeth for $55K, Internet says 'can't change the inside'

June’s neck liposuction lasted an hour and a half and cost $15,000. She also had veneers fitted for both her upper and bottom teeth

                            Mama June is 'a new woman' after fixing triple chin and teeth for $55K, Internet says 'can't change the inside'
June Shannon (Getty Images)

TLC show 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ star Mama June has gone under the knife yet again. The star recently underwent plastic surgery, which included neck liposuction and dental work that cost an estimated total of $55,000.

The 41-year-old June Shannon had more than a pound of fat removed from her neck, getting rid of her “triple chin” and in her dental work, she had veneers fitted to her teeth, which were damaged by her crack addiction. The TLC star shared her jaw-dropping transformation through a video she posted on Instagram, captioning it “New Me” and showing her gratefulness towards the doctors who are behind the miracle. 

June’s neck liposuction lasted an hour and a half and cost $15,000. She had it done by Dr Michael K Obeng in Beverly Hills, according to The Sun. Her veneers cost $44,000 and were fitted for both her upper and bottom teeth. They were done by Dr Rashad Riman and Dr Leedia Riman at Beverly Hills Dental Lab, the outlet further reported.

“It feels good to get rid of my triple chin and to have my teeth fixed and looking beautimmous,” she told The Sun about her makeover. “I feel like a new woman.”

Before her cosmetic surgery took place, the mom of four originally intended on having liposuction and a tummy tuck to celebrate being sober for seven months after admittedly struggling with a $4,000 a day crack habit. She couldn’t go through with the procedure, however, because pre-op consultations showed that the fat on her stomach was “solid and deeper than expected.”

Her boyfriend Geno Doak also had his fair share of procedures as he strives to get his health on track. He opted for the same $40,000 veneer surgery as well as a $31,000 gastric sleeve procedure and a $20,000 lipoma removal on his own head and neck, already losing 23 pounds. 

June’s followers on Instagram had mixed feelings about her new look as one comment read, “Cool, when are going to start spending some time with your daughters and granddaughter? I mean really......”  Another said, “One may change the out side but money can’t change the inside.” One user wrote in support of self-development and self-love, “I’d love to have my teeth done, just cannot afford.”

Fans also wished June luck as she turned over a new leaf after going through a very difficult time, “Oh so good to see you guys getting your lives back!” Another comment read, “Happy for your sobriety.”

Pointing out June’s topsy turvy life, a follower wrote, “She looks great, but why are they glorifying someone who couldn't take care of herself after the first makeover. Now another one, when her Beautiful children get nothing. Giving someone teeth and a new body does not change them. Your only rewarding them for mistakes, sadly you gave her a new body and teeth before do you think this will be a permanent fix for her mistakes. Sending the wrong message to people.”

June first debuted her drastic 215lb weight loss in 2016 on the show 'Mama June: From Not to Hot'. After paying upwards of $75,000 for a gastric sleeve surgery, breast augmentation and skin removal in 2017, her weight slightly fluctuated after dropping from a size 18 to a size four. 

Despite heading on a good path, things took a turn for the mother of four in 2019 when she was arrested for possession of crack cocaine with her boyfriend Geno Doak. Also caught with a needle and a pipe on hand, the pair were arrested following a domestic incident. 

Speaking to The Sun, she said, “This past year has been a real struggle for Geno and I. We’ve had so many ups and downs with our troubles and then Covid-19.” 

“After having all my procedures done and my hair and clothes styled I feel brand new. I’ve lost 11 pounds in the past couple weeks since I’ve been watching what I eat, and we just celebrated seven months clean so having this mini makeover felt like a reward. We hope this is the start of something new and exciting in our lives,” she said in September.

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