Malia Obama, boyfriend attend 'wild' party in London that included marijuana, tequila and a smashed window

Malia Obama, boyfriend attend 'wild' party in London that included marijuana, tequila and a smashed window
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Malia Obama had a "wild" house party with her British boyfriend Rory Farquharson, after being invited by an old school friend on Friday, January 10. 

The roommate of the anonymous friend who invited former President Barack Obama's 21-year-old daughter and beau to the party, which was also attended by a number of students from University College London, later took to Twitter to dish details bout the "wild" bash.

"A window was somehow broken and my house is filthy. Based off all of my roommates friends from high school coming over last night, Malia has a wild life. I cannot party as hard as her and her people," the roommate tweeted after the party was done and dusted. 

When someone inquired if he would ever throw a party resembling his roommate's, he said, "No marijuana smoked in my house! No spilling tequila all over my kitchen! It will be a civilized party. None of what happened last night."

It was not clear if Malia or her boyfriend smoked marijuana at the party, although she has previously been spotted smoking questionable cigarettes in the past. A video from the Lollapalooza festival in 2016 showed a then-18-year-old Malia taking a drag off a slim cigarette passed to her by another reveler. 


U.S. President Barack Obama walks with his daughter Malia toward Marine One while departing the White House April 7, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

Malia is enjoyed her Christmas break with her boyfriend in London as they were spotted at bars and restaurants of Islington, where Rory's parents have a £1.8 million house ($23.3 million). After the vacation, they are scheduled to go back to Harvard University, where they both are students. 

On Monday, a passerby saw the pair walking with friends near the Duke of Cambridge pub in north London.

"They were keeping a low profile but looked really happy and relaxed together. They were dressed down – Malia was in wide-leg white pants with a black jacket and had her hair down with no make-up. Rory was in a khaki coat and loose jeans. What surprised me was that they were rambling around Islington, a pretty busy area, entirely incognito – few people recognized her as being the daughter to the previous American president," the witness told Daily Mail


They were also not accompanied by an elaborate security detail while strolling around the city. 

"They were walking casually with another couple. Malia was chatting about school with the other girl and Rory was chatting to the other guy...They appeared to have no security detail, but an anonymous 'office worker' in khaki pants and black jacket, with a black leather backpack, was walking behind them inconspicuously, and seemed to follow them around the corner, so it's possible he was secret service being very inconspicuous," the witness added. 


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