Maleah Davis case: Stepfather's story doesn't add up, chances of finding the 4-year-old alive slim, says former detective

Maleah Davis case: Stepfather's story doesn't add up, chances of finding the 4-year-old alive slim, says former detective

It's been almost three weeks since 4-year-old toddler Maleah Davis went missing after she was last seen with her stepfather, Derion Vence. The man still remains locked up at Harris County jail for allegedly tampering with a human corpse in connection to the missing child. The latest in the case is that Vence's father, Joe D. Vence, has now spoken out about the matter and slammed all those who have condemned his son.

He told Melvin Cedeno, who is the owner of YouTube Channel IckedMel, that his son was innocent and the victim of a ruthless character assault by Brittany Bowens, Maleah's mother. Joe said in the interview: "(Derion) loved that family. He did everything to stay with the girl when we were trying to tell him no she's not right."

Maleah's stepfather Derion Vence (Source: Houston Police Department)

In the 48-minute interview that Joe had with the YouTuber, he shared details that were not known before. "There were a few things that didn’t kind of align with what we've been told. I just feel they set him up some sort of way," Joe said. "I know he didn't do anything to her. He loves her. He's been taking care of her since she was one year old."

Joe is convinced that authorities need to ask Maleah's mother stricter questions about her daughter's disappearance. He said: "She told my son the night of the disappearance, 'I'm about to get a Lifetime movie out of this'." Vence's father also claimed that his son had initially helped Bowens and Maleah's biological father, Craig Davis Jr., look for the child until they allegedly threatened him.

Joe said: "When he went out that first night to find Maleah, he got mobbed. Then he didn’t understand. He didn’t trust her or her baby’s father because they came at him real crazy." He also claimed that the blood which was linked to Maleah found in Vence's apartment hallway and bathroom by authorities came from another child.


He said: "It's (Maleah's) brother’s blood from his toothbrush. It’s not her blood." Cedeno asked for clarification and then Joe explained: "…that’s why it says traces of blood were related to Maleah because it's her brother's. It's like the (district attorney) was really pressing to get something going on this case because of the publicity."

Maleah Davis (Source: Houston Police Department)

Former NYPD detective Bo Dietl, however, told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) that the story doesn't add up. He said: "Derion Vence’s story has not added up from the beginning. As the police continue to gather leads and evidence, eventually they will have enough to either press him to admit the truth of what happened or independently conclude through physical evidence."


When he was asked if there was any chance of finding the toddler alive now that two weeks have gone past and that the search for her has been suspended, Dietl said: "Unfortunately, with more details being reported the odds of her being found alive are very slim."

He added: "I am confident however that with a suspect is in custody, the truth of what happened to Maleah will come out and hopefully her family will have a measure of peace."

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