Former Malaysian king divorces Russian model wife, says he’s not the ‘biological father’ of their son

Former Malaysian king divorces Russian model wife, says he’s not the ‘biological father’ of their son

The lawyer of former Malaysian king Sultan Muhammad V, who divorced his Russian model wife just weeks after their son was born, has now claimed that the 49-year-old sultan might not be the baby's "biological father".

As reported by the Straits Times, Koh Tien Hua, who is representing the sultan, said, "There is no objective evidence as yet as to the biological father of the child."

In January this year, Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan had given up his throne months after marrying former Miss Moscow Rihana Oksana Voevodina.

Meanwhile, the former wife of the sultan took to Instagram on Monday (22 July) to share two new pictures of her son by saying that she is "proud Malaysian blood flows in his veins."

Veovodina added that she was writing the post from an apartment near Moscow where she was staying. "I am writing this post and I cannot hold back tears... and I think it's not necessary because these are tears of happiness and gratitude!" Rihana Oksana shared. 


Rihana Oksana, the former wife of Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, shared new pictures of the pair's 2-month-old (Instagram)

She also thanked her supporters for all their words of encouragement and wrote: "In my life, I have to face a lot of malice, slander, and envy. But you convince me there is still a lot of kindness left in the world."

Although Rihana Oksana promised to keep her fans and followers updated on her son Leon's development she made no mention of Muhammad in her message or addressed the state of their relationship.

The pair got divorced as per Sharia law when Muhammad reportedly rejected his wife three times in front of two competent Muslim witnesses on June 22. However, Voevodina has denied having any knowledge of the divorce last week. 

While speaking to Malaysian news portal Malaysiakini, she shared, "I was in Russia with my child. We were not in Singapore in June for any divorce proceedings. This is an act of provocation; we have never been divorced."


The couple got married last year when Sultan Muhammad V was the Malaysian King. 

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