'Making The Cut': Judge Chiara says Esther's bold 'Top Three' t-shirt is proof of her newfound confidence

'Making The Cut': Judge Chiara says Esther's bold 'Top Three' t-shirt is proof of her newfound confidence
Esther Perbandt, Chiara Ferragni (Getty Images)

Spoilers for 'Making The Cut'

Esther Perbandt has easily been one of the most-loved designers of Amazon Prime's 'Making The Cut'. From not knowing how to stitch to having difficulty communicating her ideas to the seamstresses, the Berlin-based couturier has improved as a creator and trend tracker. She has a unique style and taste in fashion that is best showcased in the color black. It has taken time, but Esther has managed to step out of her black universe to churn garments that are reflective of her versatility. And that was something that won judges — Heidi Klum, Joseph Altuzarra, Chiara Ferragni and Naomi Campbell — over. 
Her three-look collection featured interesting folds, a lot of white, gathered pants with a twist and a t-shirt that had "Top Three" written on it, which everyone enjoyed. It sort of showed how confident Esther was about securing a spot in the finale.


She was the first of the four designers, including Jonny Cota, Megan Smith and Sander Bos, to have made the cut.
"It was an essential moment to stand up for my black universe and I have really grown out of that. And maybe this t-shirt I was showing you tonight symbolizes leaving behind the Esther who is always stepping back, who is always giving the space to others. But finally, I said, no, I'm here and I want to be part of the final three," Esther explained when asked how her collection for the evening was representative of her growth as a designer over the last few weeks. 
Heidi was particularly impressed by the dress that looked as if it were fresh out of a store. She loved every garment that Esther sent down the runway and Naomi couldn't agree more. Joseph thought it was emotional, while Chiara seemed taken aback by the 'Top Three' t-shirt. "The t-shirt, it was very evocative. Like you really wanted to be a part of the top three so you were brave enough to not make it such a subtle message. You really put it out there," the fashion blogger smiled as she commented.
This was Esther's third win and what a way to make an entry to the finale. Unfortunately, Megan got shown the exit route for being too experimental to the extent that some of her clothes looked like they were made out of leftover fabric. So now, contending for the $1M are Sander, Jonny and Esther. 

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