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'Making The Cut': Impressed judges Heidi and Nicole want Esther's dress that she made in under 2 hours

Esther panicked after her seamstress sent across an unfinished dress and she had to make something completely new in just under two hours
Heidi Klum, Esther Perbandt and Nicole Richie (Getty Images)
Heidi Klum, Esther Perbandt and Nicole Richie (Getty Images)

Who would have thought Esther Perbandt would win the first runway show, given how her garments were wrapped up in the final minutes leading to the show.

She was confident about her designs and mentor Tim Gunn had even green-lit them, but her seamstress couldn't convert it into pieces that Esther had imagined for her two-look brand snapshot.

Was it miscommunication or Esther's limited understanding of stitching? The Berlin-based designer has been running a boutique in her city for a decade and has sold online as well but she isn't much of a stitching person, which turned out to be quite the challenge for her.

A day before the show, she checked with one of her fellow designers if her instructions were clear enough for the seamstress to understand. However, even then she received pieces that didn't match her vision. 

Esther panicked but one of the designers, Rinat, helped her get through the crisis. She hand-stitched bits and parts of her garment so that she can get them out on the runway at least. The judges seemed impressed but they reserved their two cents for the latter part of the show. 

Judges Josephy Altuzarra, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, Carine Roitfeld and Nicole Richie wanted to know all about Esther's time while she prepped for the show. It was not good and everyone saw that.

She didn't speak for two days because her seamstress didn't stitch her clothing that way she had wanted, which put her under a lot of stress but even then she was able to pull off a piece in just under two hours and everyone was mightily impressed with it. 

"It was a really strong presentation and had I not known any of your technical issues, I wouldn't have been able to tell. I thought it was fit really well. Kudos to you," Joseph commented while Nicole and Heidi asked her to send one of the looks their way.

Meanwhile, Naomi praised her for showing courage and told her that now she must know what she is capable of. 

The first two episodes of 'Making The Cut' is streaming now on Amazon Prime.