'Making The Cut': Who among the final four designers will move a step closer to winning $1M?

'Making The Cut': Who among the final four designers will move a step closer to winning $1M?
Esther Perbandt, Sander Bos, Megan Smith, Jonny Cota (Amazon Prime Video)

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are all set to return with yet another drama-filled, exciting, and creative episode of 'Making The Cut.' In Episode 8, the tasks assigned will test the designers on whether or not they have been able to grow and evolve in their journey over the last few weeks. 

Esther Perbandt, Jonny Cota, Sander Bos and Megan Smith will be competing for securing slots in the finale, which will see three contenders fight it out for the $1 million cash prize and more. 

Esther's growth has been incredible. From being someone who cannot stitch to finding it tough communicating her ideas to the seamstresses to winning two challenges and impressing the judges through and through. This Berlin-based designer is here to win. Her design aesthetic and taste in fashion leans on androgyny and that's where her black universe steps in. 


Even though she has made it her signature style, through the show, the judges — Joseph Altuzarra, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell and Nicole Richie — have encouraged her to experiment with colors. She took them up on the advice and played with colors but both times, they didn't were representative of what her brand stood for her. 

Starting out, Sander had this raw creative flair that made him stand out but he wasn't there yet. But today, as he gears up for his most important assignment, which will grant him the ticket to finale, he is a much more confident designer with a polished taste in design and construction. He even won a challenge and impressed Joseph with his unisex, interchangeable garments he had created for the digital marketing campaign. 


Megan was a breath of fresh air and even though she didn't win a challenge, the Kansas-based designer has been praised for her refreshing and beautiful fashion campaign.

However, Naomi and Chiara Ferragni (guest judge) didn't seem to appreciate that her models were seated and that sort of took away from the grandiose that her clothes had to offer. 

Jonny has evolved, sure, but struggles with the aspects of masculinity and femininity in his designs. But, the LA designer knows how to polish his craft and hopefully, will leave the panel impressed with his penultimate collection of work.


Catch all the episodes of 'Making The Cut' on Amazon Prime Video.

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