'Making The Cut' called out for starring designers who can't sew, fans ask: 'Is this common in the industry?'

The show has spoken about it being a design competition and not a stitching one

                            'Making The Cut' called out for starring designers who can't sew, fans ask: 'Is this common in the industry?'
Martha Gottwald, Sabato Russo, Esther Perbandt (Amazon Prime Video)

Amazon-backed fashion competition series 'Making The Cut' is making quite the wave on social media. Fans seem to be loving the show and are vocal about their opinions on it. But, there's a niggling issue that bothers the viewers and it's the fact that some of the designers don't know how to stitch garments, not even the basics. 

Sabato Russo, Esther Perbandt and Martha Gottwald have all tasted the last-minute rush that not knowing how to stitch brings with it. Sure, these designers have years of experience behind them. Some have boutiques while others have participated in fashion weeks. But isn't stitching a crucial technical skill when it comes to the construction of clothes? It is.

Martha simply used pins to put together her two-look collection for one of her assignments. She broke down and was having a tough time trying to figure out her designs for the runway. Had she known how to stitch, she could have utilized those few hours that she spent being anxious and uncertain about what was coming her way. Eventually, she used safety pins to hold her dress together and that put off the judges.

Same with Esther. She panicked when she had to hand stitch a part of her garment because the seamstress assigned to her didn't finish the construction, leaving her with an incomplete dress. Although she won the challenge, it would have done her a world of good if she had known at least the basics of stitching.

Sabato too is in the same boat. In the recently-concluded episode that tasked the contestants with a collaboration challenge, Sander Bos found himself doing most of the stitching after their clothing came in half-done. Sabato put all of their pinned garments into one bag whereas he was supposed to segregate them into two because each designer is assigned only one seamstress. Even though he regretted his mistake, Sander was forgiving and instead said that everyone was allowed to make mistakes. 

Meanwhile, fans think it's weird that a fashion competition series like 'Making The Cut' allows designers who have no clue of basic stitching. 

"The designers are still working but so far it is definitely a huge change of pace to see how many designers don’t know how to sew, pattern make, etc. it’s not impressive TBH," a viewer shared. Another wrote: "How on earth can you be a fashion designer and not know how to sew or make a pattern? It’s like trying to write a song without knowing how to play an instrument or read music? I don’t get it. #MakingTheCut."

"@MakingtheCutTV I'm loving the show&designers. I know 'it's not a sewing competition' but it's been messing with my mind that there are designers who are unable to make a pattern or sew. Is this common in the industry? Sincerely curious! #MakingTheCut," another tweeted.

"Episode 3 of #MakingTheCut, WHY do they cast people who CAN’T sew or cut a pattern. Is this Drag Race?" a user posted. 

Catch all the new episodes of 'Making The Cut' on Amazon Prime Video.

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