Who is Kaviya Ravi? 'Making It' crafter went from studying biochemistry to opening own crafts store

Who is Kaviya Ravi? 'Making It' crafter went from studying biochemistry to opening own crafts store
Kaviya Ravi from 'Making It' (NBC)

'Making It' Season 3 has introduced a slate of crafters who are inspiring, and not just with their crafts but backstories. First-generation Indian American Kaviya Ravi was one of the many contestants who had a heartwarming story to tell. More on that in a bit. 

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Who is Kaviya Ravi?

She is all about color. Her projects are always multi-colored. She enjoys blending hues and making sure they come together beautifully. Currently residing in Louisville, Kentucky, Ravi has a degree in biochemistry and was married off at the tender age of 21. She's not complaining though. Her husband of 15 years, Guru, has been her main support system through and through. When she wanted to be a maker, he gave her all the encouragement she needed to pursue a profession that requires patience and perseverance. 


Her official bio reads: "Working as a display coordinator for Anthropologie, she gets to infuse her love of bright colors in the storefronts. Holding a BFA in Interior Architecture, she loves to conceptualize as much as she creates. Working at a job she loves and being able to create things for a living, she truly feels like she's living the American Dream."

Today, Ravi runs an online store - khromo+philia - that sells all things homemade. From jewelry, baskets, felted animals to wallpapers, she has got it covered. The theme of her company is 'unapologetically colorful', which we love and agree with. 


A few weeks after she started her Instagram page, she introduced herself with a long post, a part of which read: "I am a mountain girl and afraid of beaches. My ideal place would me on top of a mountain surround by all sorts of animals, overlooking the sea. Far and high enough so the water cannot get to me when there is a tsunami." 

Catch all the new episodes of 'Making It' Season 3 on NBC every Thursday at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings.

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